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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 [Review]

For some time now, I have been on a quest to find my ideal moisturizer for my skin type (combination oily skin). I have used a variety of primers meant to control the oil in my T-zone area but I wanted to have my first step in my face prep be a moisturizer that does that.

I was able to use the Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 to test out its ability to mattify my face.

About Murad - 

Murad guarantees that transformation because only Murad combines advanced scientific research and practical clinical experience to create high performance skincare products, dietary supplements and lifestyle programs that help people look and feel their absolute best.
As America's first authentic doctor-developed brand, Murad remains true to the scientific principles of its founder, world-renowned dermatologist Howard Murad, M.D. Shaped by his Inclusive Health philosophy and inspired by the real problems of the more than 50,000 patients and clients who have visited his Los Angeles dermatology practice and Inclusive Health Spa®, his award-winning formulas have helped millions to resolve their skin issues. Through more than fifty years of research, Dr. Murad has established that beauty and health are vitally linked and best achieved through an Inclusive approach that improves every cell in the body. The result? The Murad Glow! [source]

Now we know about the company let's talk about the moisturizer.


Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15
Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 reduces shine on contact and keeps skin free of excess oil for up to for 8 hours.* Oil-Control Complex helps regulate oil production while preserving moisture to provide a long-lasting matte finish.

Additional features and ingredients:
  • Willow Bark Extract helps manage breakouts and clears skin of impurities
  • Argan Extract reveals smoother, softer skin
  • Provides UVA/UVB protection

The Test -

On a day I was going to go out to run errands, I chose to test this because it would have been a great chance to see how it would work in our Las Vegas heat. In the morning after I cleansed my face, I squeezed a nickel size amount of moisturizer onto my index and middle finger and primarily dot my t-zone area with the product.

The consistency of the product was similar to sour cream - light with a slight stiffness. It had a slight scent of tea tree. As I massaged the moisturizer into my t-zone area, I noticed that it felt like it thickened onto my skin as if it was sucking out the oil that was currently on my face. It quickly absorbed into my skin and felt light and soft on my skin. Since the rest of my face was normal, I applied a regular spf moisturizer on the outer areas of my face where I didn't apply the murad moisturizer.

For the sake of testing this moisturizer, I did not apply any face makeup except for concealer under my eyes to cover up my darkness and eye bags. On this particular day, the weather was in the hundreds and usually my face oils up within and hour or two but with this Murad moisturizer my face didn't oil up until hour four! 

By hour four my face was as oily as it would have been without a mattifying product on my face. For the first three hours my face was matte and my face began to accumulate oil in my t-zone from hour three to four. I used a blotting sheet to soak up the oil on my face and I was ready to go.

After using this moisturizer for the next thirty days or so, this moisturizer became my go to product to deal with my oil concerns especially during our hot weather. 

Overall, I really enjoyed using this product because it did what it claimed of mattifying my face and keeping the oiliness at bay for more than 3 hours!

Pro - 

  • Light out of product and on skin
  • Mattified skin upon application
  • Had spf
  • Light scent of tea tree
  • T-zone didn't oil up until after three hours

 In short -

Packaging - In a white 1.7 fl oz bottle tube, the white moisturizer is squeezed out of bottle and has a light scent of tea tree. Ready to use. 
Oil-control? Yes! It took over three to get my t-zone area oily. 
Cost - $39.50

Ranked: 5 out 5 stars 
Recommend to a friend? YES!

Have you tried this moisturizer? If you have oily skin what is your go to moisturizer? 

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Stay beautiful inside and out!




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