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Monday, June 4, 2012

Sheer Cover Review

Eye bags. Darkness under eyes. A blemish from a pimple. Redness around my nose. These are things I ALWAYS cover up with a concealer and I continue to be on the hunt for the 'perfect' concealer.

Criteria of my 'Perfect' concealer -

  • Match my skin tone
  • Cover up the darkness under my eyes
  • Reduce the look of puffiness under eyes
  • Cover up redness/blemish for past pimples
  • One product to do all

It may be a stretch but that's why it's called my 'perfect' concealer.

Will the Sheer Cover Duo Concealer meet my expectation in a 'perfect' concealer?

About -

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer

Sheer Cover® Concealer is perfect for all skin types and tones.  Our concealer is a customer favorite offering a custom blend for the various shades on your face and covers up imperfections.  It not only covers up the look of dark circles, blemishes, redness and age spots, it also moisturizes with Jojoba and Allantoin.

It instantly conceals blemishes, dark spots, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone – we’ve got life’s little imperfections covered!

Instantly covers skin imperfections for a flawless, natural look
Variable coverage – sheer and creamy perfect for under eye circles or more opaque for blemishes, dark spots and hyperpigmentation
Easy application  – glides on, won’t pull or tug at fragile skin
Enriched with natural, moisturizing Jojoba to help nourish and restore the skins’ natural moisture balance
Allantoin helps calm and soothe sensitive, irritated skin
Provides antioxidant protection from free-radical scavengers

Using fingertips, concealer brush or a cosmetic sponge dab a small amount of concealer on area to be covered. Blend well. Start sheer, adding layers to increase coverage. Wear alone, under or over makeup. Let dry before applying makeup.

Where to Buy:

Customers can visit www.SheerCover.com or call 1-877-489-2035 to purchase Sheer Cover.
$29.95 for the concealer (non-member price) and $29.95 for the introductory system, which also includes the Duo Concealer.

The test -

I've seen these dual color concealers for a while and I was interested to see how this worked for me. I've was able to test this product on several occasions and here was my thoughts about it!

The concealer comes in a light weight plastic package with the name of the brand on the top of the container. It has two shades of concealer, one lighter and darker. The shade I had was 'Tan/Dark'. In my case the lighter shade was best used on my face where I needed concealing and during the cooler season when my skin is lighter. The darker shade I used to shape the top of my brows for a cleaner look and during the summer when my skin is darker from tanning. I'm currently in between color shades so the light shade is perfect for overall use.

As I had mentioned, my main concealing concerns were my under eye area (darkness and puffiness), redness around my nose and cover some blemishes from past pimples. I usually use a neutralizing concealer by Covergirl for under my eyes to address the darkness under my eyes. 

For the sake of testing this concealer, I didn't apply the neutralizer and dabbed with the concealer with my finger on areas of concern after moisturizing and priming my entire face. The texture of the concealer had a light and silky consistency which dabbed on easily. 

Here was how the concealer looked on me -

Before & After (no filter)
I set concealer by patting translucent powder over top. No foundation applied
As you can see, there is a difference with and without concealer. I felt it was a great match to my skin and covered the darkness. The concealer had the ability to be sheer or fuller in coverage.  You can still see the puffiness under one eye but it still made a difference in coverage. Using a small flat brush, I took the darker side of the concealer and shaped the top of my eyebrow. With regard to my eyebrows, I really like the dual colors because I'd prefer the lighter concealer below my eyebrow to 'highlight' and not above it. I've seen highlighting applied to the entire eyebrow that it looks like it popping from the face and it was not appealing.

Overall, I liked the coverage it gave and the versatility of shades with the two colors. In the summer and winter my skin color changes and having these two shades helps meet my need of concealment any time of the season! I like that it was lightweight and had build-able ability. I felt that I didn't need to apply my usual neutralizer for under my eyes because it gave me good coverage. Is it my perfect concealer? So far it's one of the top contenders in my collection!

Pro -

  • Provided good coverage
  • Product was lightweight and easy to apply
  • Had a light and airy texture onto my skin
  • Offered two different colors 
  • Felt moisturizing on my skin
  • Didn't need to apply a neutralizer before concealer
  • Lightweight packaging and easy to throw in my purse

In short -

Packaging - In a light weight clear plastic package a little bigger than a silver dollar coin. There were two shades in the concealer  that I received - Tan/Dark. 
Texture - Light and airy product and felt moisturizing when applying.
Coverage - Sheer to full coverage. Build-able. Yes, coverage was achieved. 
Application - I applied product in two ways. First with ring finger in dabbing motion. Second with a flat makeup brush then buffed out with a blending brush to blend out concealer.
Smell - None
Cost - For just concealer $29.95 but get an introductory system which includes this concealer for $29.95.
More information - www.SheerCover.com

Ranked: 5 out 5 stars
Recommend to a friend? YES!

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts? What do you personally use when concealing problematic areas on your face?

Thank you for visiting and don't forget to follow my blog for new posts! 

Stay beautiful inside and out!




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    FTC: This Sheer Cover concealer was provided complimentary through the influenster program.


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    I'm having a new giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

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    what a kick butt review!!! :)gina

    reeracoma said...

    Thank you so much sissy!!

    reeracoma said...

    I've definitely heard about this and was excited to see it in the Influenster box. Worth the try! :0)

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    Aw you are sweet Gina! Thank you!

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