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Monday, August 8, 2011

Super Bass Boom Boom Boom Weyho

Nugget naps and I am taking advantage of my mamatime.

What have I been doing for the past hour??

Watching random youtube videos, I have E! News on in the background but I'm still feeling nauseas right now and I'm thinking I need to get something to eat. Cereal? Eggs? Filipino food? I dunno, too complicated to decide right now.

I wanted to share 2 video for my post today. 

IN LOVE with this cover - way to go KarminMusic!

And a funny one - this gave me a stitch in my belly from laughing so hard!

Current cravings (prego addition) -

In & Out!
Tropical Smoothie Cafe - Smoothie 
Filipino Leche Flan

Ok, Happy Monday!



Brandi said...

ok, i'm dying... Too funny!! Oh and in-n-out looks good and i'm not even pregnant! :o)

reeracoma said...

That boom boom weeho chick was just too hilarious! My co-worker had gotten in n out the other day and I've been craving it since! Sounds delish!!

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