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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Unbox & Review:Spring Blissmo Box

I received my March Blissmo box over the weekend and the theme I chose for this box was 'Spring into Beauty'.

First my review of my Blissmo box's service.

  • Blissmo box's concept of providing eco friendly and organic products is awesome.
  • I'm getting a box worth more than the cost paid on a monthly basis.
  • I choose on a monthly basis of what I want my box theme to be.
  • I get introduced to eco friendly/organic products that I otherwise wouldn't have
  • I got my first box for 50% off

  • COST: at $22/month ($19 plus $3 shipping) it's a bit pricy. I can get two $10 monthly subscription boxes for one Blissmo box. Even if I upgraded my subscription to 6 months for $19 (shipping will be free), it's still pricy.
  • When I decided to skip my January choice in December, they still charged me and said it'll be used to prepay next box I was going to get. I didn't find that out until my account was charged with a nice overdraft fee. 
  • They don't send you tracking information when it is shipped.

In short, I rank this company a 4 out of 5 stars. Not 5 stars because of the cost, the fact they still charged for a skipped box (which was not disclosed on initial sign up), and no tracking info on package when mailed out.

Rank: 4 out of 5 stars
Would you recommend Blissmo to a friend? YES


Now to the unboxing and detailed product information for my Spring into Beauty box. 

Here is the unboxing video of my Spring Box -

Here are the individual items in detail -

Neutrogena Naturals - Multi vitamin nourishing night cream - $13.99Soften skin&moisturize; reduce the look of dullness & roughness; Improve radiance for healthier looking skin. 

Olie biologique Hule Moderne - $15Anti Aging and hydrating properties. Uses: Face, cuticles, stretch marks, hair, ok for sensitive skin

Go! Towel - Fiber Towel $1.49Just add water. Reusable, naturally antibacterial, 100% compostable & absorbs 4x more than cotton

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques - Sweet Chai Lip Scrub $4.50Organic lip scrub help dehydrated lips.

Pangea Organics - facial cleanser (cost N/A)in egyptian clandula and blood orange. For normal to dry skin.

Spring to Beauty Blissmo box

When I first signed up for my blissmobox, I was able to get 50% off but unfortunately there are no current promotions. I'll keep you posted on any that I see!

What monthly boxes are you obsessed with?

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Unknown said...

I really liked my first Blissmobox, too. Then I got my second one, which was not as good and was valued at less than price I paid for it. If you want eco-friendly products, go with Eco-Emi or Conscious Box. Both are more than $10 a month, but they are always great values and are more nicely boxed than Blissmo.

reeracoma said...

I hear you! I may have to look into those boxes. I've been saying how I would like to dwindle down my monthly boxes but I always find awesome things about new boxes that I have to just give it a try! thanks so much for the heads up and I'll share my thoughts on the boxes when I get them! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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