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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Resolution.CincoDeMayo.AussieBieber. - D3

Alright, I was able to get some stuff together for tonight's blog. It was a tad difficult. But here we are.


I caught up with Glee.
I'm not a Fleetwood Mac fan so this episode was lost on me.
Until the next episode.


I got to watch The Voice.
I like the twist at the end of it (not going to spoil it if you plan on seeing it and haven't yet).
Line of the night:
Cee-Lo: Pink happens to be a good friend of mine
Adam: Oh let me pick that up, you dropped that name.
Haha! Hilarious!


So May just rolled in and I need a new month's resolution to focus on! I have been able to stick with my resolution for April with starting a garden, revamping my website and blogging daily. Photography was a February and March resolution and as you can see, the product of this goal.

My blooming garden that began April 1st.
Here are some of my May's resolution goals ideas (I will have to decide by tomorrow, going to pinpoint minimum 2)

  1. learn 4 phrases in 10 dialects
  2. Sew 3 pieces (dress, bikini and something for nugget)
  3. creative writing
  4. watch 5 top all time movies and do a review
  5. Learn a song on the piano
  6. Do a tutorial
How about -
Phew! I hope I can stick with it! I've got less than 27 days to get it done! Let's hope for the best!


Cinco De Mayo is in less than 2 days! I really want to celebrate but I have no plans and I'm in the mood to be festive. Dish out the fresh made corn tortilla chips with a side of guac and pico de gallo. Some authentic al pastor tacos and some horchata or margaritas. 
This is the only authentic way to have Al Pastor
Mmmm... Salsas

Al Pastor tacos!

Dang, I'm hungry now! Now I really need to make a Cinco De Mayo feast happen!


Music: Australian Justin Bieber?


Good night! 

Until tomorrow!



niki said...

mmm... i miss good authentic mexican food! DC would be perfect if there were more mexicans =) Also - your garden pic is super cute! good luck!

reeracoma said...

No Mexicans?? Yup, I love me some good authentic mex stuff too! I might just have to do a cuatro de mayo since I'll be working tomorrow. haha! get Mexed out! haha.. Keep up the blogging! Love to hear how your doing out in DC! =0)

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