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Monday, May 28, 2012

What I did last week... (5/22-5/28)

I hope everyone had a great Memorial day! We just got back from our long weekend in Utah and it feels nice to be home! Here is a roundup of last week!

My week via Instagram -
Love getting goodies!

My current obsession - Chipotle chicken salad

Love this!

My kiddos

Dessert & fam time 

My view on our long weekend with family.

Link love -

Youtube videos I watched last week- 

Last Week's inspiration - 

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Star Vogue said...

Great blog thanks for passing by my blog!
now following :)

Ashley K said...

The chicken salad from Chipotle is sooo good! So with you on that one.

reeracoma said...

Thank you and welcome!!

reeracoma said...

Omg, speaking of I want some now!! At 10a. Lol.

Jess said...

Mmmm that chicken chipotle salad looks yummy!

Check out my week of giveaways!

Paris said...

What a nice weekend! The dessert and the view from your weekend are my favorites! Glad you had a wonderful weekend :)



reeracoma said...

Definitely was!! :0)

reeracoma said...

Thanks Paris. It was very much needed break. Thanks for visiting! :0)

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