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Sunday, May 27, 2012

What was May's Gossip Girl birchbox really worth?

The highly anticipated Birchbox Gossip Girl box arrived and was unboxed with disappointment. After receiving a box with the collaborated forces of birchbox and teen vogue (which I loved),  I couldn't wait to see what I had gotten this month.

Because I get my birchboxes towards the later part of the month, I take sneak peaks of the contents of  each month's box via youtube. On occasion, I will get the email talking about the products I received in my month's box before I've even received the box. This month's box was one of those instances where the email told me the products I got before I received the physical box and I said to myself, "BORING!'.

Personally, I am not a fan of Gossip Girl and didn't pick up on the huge anticipation that others were building up about the show but I was hoping for some great goods.

So let's dig in! Here is the enclosed card talking about it being themed for the show Gossip Girl.
The back of the card breaks down the products, description and full size costs.

Ojon - Damage reverse restorative conditioner

Repair stressed strands with this aromatic hair treatment - excotic ojon and monoi oils work together to smooth and hydrate. Full size $25

BVLGARI - Omnia Crystalline Eau de Toillette Spray
Inspired by luminescent crystals (so glam), this fresh scent combines notes of lotus flowers, bamboo, and Nashi pear. Full size $47 - $64

Color Club  - Nail Polish in Clambake Coral
Just in time for summer, this warm shade will set off your newly (self-) tanned skin. Full size $8

Kiehl's - Abyssine Cream +A longtime bestseller, this anti-aging moisturizer uses microscopic Abyssine molecules to soften wrinkles and protect ski from free radical damage. Full size - $48

Birchbox Extra
Notecards Set of 12, $10

So that was the entirety of my May 2012 Gossip Girl birchbox.

Cost breakdown:

BVLGARI Perfume - $2.40
Color Club nail polish (full size) - $8
Kiehl's cream - $7.10
Ojon conditioner - $2.94
Bonus notecards - $0.83
Total: $21.27

In this box, I liked the polish from color club and the Kiehl's skin cream. That's it. I may or may not use the Ojon conditioner. I don't like the perfume because it was a perfume vial that doesn't spray and the notecard was ok.

I paid $10 for this box and gained $11.27 in value from the products I received this month. Although the box may be worth over the value paid, the value of its worth depends on how much you personally like the products.

On another note, this month's box marks my year being with birchbox and I can safely say that there have been a handful of boxes I've received that were like this, boring. But overall I am happy with birchbox's service and products. I definitely get some great products to try (some becoming my current favorites) and in most cases full size products! 

What do you think of birchbox this month? Thoughts on the products? What do you think of birchbox overall?

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Di said...

As you already know I was also bummed out about the May Birchbox. Hopefully the one in June will be better.

reeracoma said...

I'm with you kapatwit!! June better be a lot better than this one!!

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