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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 4 & 5 - Blog Challenge

So I ended up slacking yesterday and didn't get to post a blog for my challenge. Today will be days 4 & 5. One photography blog and one random blog.

Day 4 - self portrait 1/23
On day 4, I got to play with some makeup and took these pictures. Our house is a mess and I haven't been able to tidy much since before our daughter was born, so I had to find a place that didn't show the mess and had sunlight.

Here are some pictures with my Nikon D3100.

day 5 - something i'm looking forward to

I am most looking forward to my daughter turning 3 months! When my son was born, he was a month premature and it was during the winter season. So we didn't take him out (except for doctor's appointments) for fear of getting sick. From November to February, people were prone to getting sick and we didn't want to risk him getting sick.

So we are doing the same with our daughter. Being that she was also a month premature, we don't need to socialize her that bad that we want to risk her getting sick especially since the flu/colds are going around.

I have been editing a new beauty video and will be posting soon! I will have another blog for that!

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