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Sunday, January 22, 2012

•Day 03- Describe a typical day


60 day blog challenge - •Day 03- Describe a typical day

Since having my daughter on December 29, my typical day has been a sleepless and very repetitive one.  My husband and mom have been great with helping watch Nugman (our 2 year old little man) while I focus on recovering from delivery and caring for my daughter.

2am - wake up to feed little miss
3am - go back to sleep 
5am - wake up to feed little miss
6am - go back to sleep (gotta nap when she naps)
8am - wake up to feed little miss
9am - get something to eat
10am - watch TV or hop online
11am - feed little miss
12pm - 2pm - maybe nap or watch tv
2pm - feed little miss
2pm-5pm - maybe nap or watch tv
5pm - feed little miss
5pm - 7pm - hang out with hubby and nugman
7pm - dinner and get nugman ready for bedtime
8pm - feed little miss 
8pm - 11pm - hang out with hubby and hop online; sleep or just wait until next feeding
11pm - feed little miss

.... you can see that this continues the whole day and continues for weeks

I know this sounds very boring but this is the life i'm living while I get adjusted with life with a new infant and a super active 2 year old. 

It'll definitely change once I've got the hang of adjusting with 2 kiddos! 

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Brandi said...

You're doing so awesome little mama! Think of how fast the last 2+ years have zoomed by with the nugman and hopefully that will get you through the seemingly endless feedings!! :) At least you have your phone, that thing is like a lifeline to the outside world. :) xoxoxo

reeracoma said...

Aw. Thanks so much brandikins!! It def has zoomed by with nugman. Having my phone has been a life saver in keeping me occupied socially.

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