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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh, My! Katy Perry Lashes! {Eylure Review} + Giveaway! [open international]

If you are one of the fortunate ones that don't need false lashes then lucky you! My daughter and son have gorgeous long lashes and they are only 2 yo and 4 mos! For me, on the other hand, I have short sparse lashes and need two different types of mascara with a lash curler to get some decent looking lashes.

Fortunately, there are false lashes to the rescue!

This will be a review of three Eylure strip eyelashes!

Here is a video of my quick hits of my review about these lashes along an announcement of the Eylure Lashes!

About Eylure:

Eylure, the UK's #1 brand, premieres in the U.S. 
Award-winning beauty Innovators Eylure are setting a new standard in beauty essentials with the introduction of their false eyelash collection, debuting in the US market exclusively at Ulta stores.
Since their conception in 1947, Eylure has remained at the forefront of creation and innovation in an exciting and ever-changing industry, producing gorgeous original lashes that have been worn by iconic beauties like Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Ingrid Bergman and Marlene Dietrich. Fans of Eylure are not limited to stars of yesteryear and the brand continues to appeal to high profile celebrities and professional make-up artists alike.
From Eylure’s subtle and pretty Naturalites to their dramatic Intense and Double Lashes or the bespoke finish of their classic Individual Lashes, there is a style and range suitable for everyone!

Out of the many lashes that Eylure has, I was able to test and review three which were the Katy Perry "Oh, My!", Naturalites lengthening and Naturalites evening wear. 

Each packet of lashes include eyelashes on a tray, directions and small capsule of eyelash glue. 

Katy Perry Lashes - "Oh, My!"

A stunning and wearable new lash collection from Katy Perry and Eylure. This style is called "Oh, My!" it is big and beautiful with a layered effect. All the texture you could want in a lash yet so wearable and really flattering. Be daring, go double effect! All Katy Perry lashes by Eylure are handmade, 100% natural and each style is reusable.

The Test - 

After completing my eye makeup application, I opened the sleek paper box that the strip lashes were on and pressed down against the tray then pulled in the opposite direction. Once on my fingers, these dense and thick strip lashes made me say "Oh, My!"If you were to take 3 to 4 strip lashes together, you would somewhat have the thickness that these lashes had! 

With all lashes, directions suggested trimming the lashes to fit your upper lash line. I did not trim and proceeded to apply enclosed adhesive to the base of the lash. I love that this glue had a wand helping make application less messy and great to pop in your purse for on the go in the event an emergency touch up is needed.

I waited around 20 to 30 seconds to get the glue to be tacky and applied these on with my fingers. I used a pair of tweezers to get the ends as close to my lash line. Once these lashes were on, they looked super dramatic and I liked it! They had some weight to it but they weren't overpowering that it felt like they were obstructing my line of vision. I've used other lashes that were heavy and long which felt like visors for my eyes.

Overall, they stayed on fairly well and were comfortable to use. I had one occasion where I had to remove and reapply the lashes because my inner lash line were a bit wet prior to application. My eyes have a tendency to water up a bit and my false lash application didn't go on perfectly as it should have due to my eyes. That by no means was due to the product but me. I really like these lashes to give me some extra oomph! 

Pro - 
  • Easy to apply
  • Direction were very thorough including 8 different languages
  • All items you need are included
  • High Quality
  • Great dramatic look
  • Didn't feel too heavy
  • Reusable
  • Can fit any eye size
  • I like the tray because it will help keep shape when not in use

Ranking - 5 out 5 stars
Would you recommend it to a friend? YES!

Naturalites Lengthening 
Eylure Naturalites strip lashes enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Suitable for all eyeshapes, they are ideal for regular wear or a special occasion.

The Test -

I initially applied these strip lashes after completing an earth day eye makeup look. Opening the sleek paper box, I removed the lashes by using my two fingers on both hands and lifted the lashes from both ends off its plastic tray.

I personally have a love/hate relationship with this tray. For each lash, a section of the tray had two sticky circles where you can stick the lash themselves onto for storage. At first I was thinking, how will this keep the shape of my lashes but as you stick them back on you ensure the curvature is intact when you store them. I thought that feature was pretty innovative and I ended up loving it. But then after a while the tackiness began to wear off and they started to move around in the casing. An easy fix is to dab a bit of the included eyelash glue on the tray then place lashes the same way with the sticky circles.

These had a white band with the lashes being long with small gaps between each lash bundle. Taking the wand from the include eyelash glue, I applied a thin layer onto the lash band and waited 20-30 seconds to get to a tacky consistency. Using my tweezer, I apply the lashes as close to my lash line as possible. 

Earth day look (see tutorial) using liquid liner after lashes were applied. 

I noticed that that you can see the white band while on my lash line and an easy fix was to take my liquid liner to cover the white band. I tested these lashes again with a very minimal eye makeup look that had no eyeliner and applied as close to upper lash line as possible making it look very natural.

Overall, these were great lashes! I have gone over 5 uses on these already and can see that I will be able to get more use with proper care. 

Here is how I care for my false lashes to last longer than one use!

Naturalites Evening Wear

The Test - 

I applied these lashes after finishing a full eye makeup look and these were very easy to apply. Using the same process as the lengthening lashes (above), these strip lashes looked great! They had a very full look to them making my eyes look subtly more dramatic. 

Pro for Naturalites Lengthening & Evening Wear- 
  • Easy to apply
  • Direction were very thorough including 8 different languages
  • All items you need are included
  • High Quality
  • Natural look
  • Very light weight
  • Reusable (going on over 5 uses already)
  • Can trim to fit any eye size
  • The tray is innovative
Con -

  • Sticky circles can lose it's tackiness (easy fix by using included lash glue)
Ranking - 5 out 5 stars
Would you recommend it to a friend? YES!

From these lashes, Eylure has a great line of high quality false lashes that includes the eyelash glue with each packet. Their eyelashes line have such a large variety to choose from depending on the look you want to achieve. 

In short -

Packaging - In sleek paper boxes with plastic trays which included directions and capsule size eyelash glue. Eyelash glue had an included wand inside container.
Ease of use - Yes, directions were in some case included over 8 different languages on how to use lashes. 
Smell - glue was unscented
Cost - "Oh, My!" - $6.99, Lengthening - $5.99 and Evening Wear - $5.99 (prices via ulta.com)
Additional - In the Katy Perry Eylure lash line there are 3 additional looks available. 
More information - www.eylure.com


Giveaway Time!

I will be hosting a sponsored giveaway for the Eylure lashes I just reviewed!! Three (3) winners will be chosen for one each of the lashes above. When choosing winners, I will select them random via rafflecopter (widget below) - 1st person chosen gets their first ranked, 2nd person gets their 1st ranked but if it has been chosen then they get their 2nd ranked and third person will get the remaining lashes.

The first 8 tasks on the rafflecopter are MANDATORY and not completing them will not qualify you in this giveaway. You can earn more entries by doing any or all of the following per day during the giveaway - tweeting, posting a photo, sharing giveaway or commenting on a previous post or youtube video.

This is open internationally for all ages (under 18 must get a parent's permission) and will start 5/4/12 and ends 5/19/12 midnight EST.

I am so excited to host this sponsored giveaway and have you enjoy these lashes as much as I have! Thanks in advance for participating!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for visiting and don't forget to follow my blog and youtube channel as May will be a big month of giveaways!

Stay beautiful inside and out!




Don't forget:

FTC: A huge thank you to Eylure for allowing me to review and  host a sponsored giveaway of Eylure eyelashes! Eylure eyelashes were sent  for review and giveaway at no cost, I am in no way affiliated with the company or products mentioned. No cash compensation is being received for reviewing and  hosting this giveaway Any opinions about this product is 100% honest and are not construed or influenced by Eylure.


puteri ratnasari said...

1. katy perry,
2. lengthening,
3. Evening wear

Di said...

Awesome giveaway as always Ree!

1) evening wear
2) katy perry "oh my"
3) Naturalites

MatixsMommy said...


1. Katy Perry
3. Evening Wear

whitewallet04 said...

thank you for this!

1) evening wear
2) katy perry "oh my"
3) Naturalites

LaLabx mwamwa said...

oh my :"3 awesome ! thank you <3
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Maya's reviews said...

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CosmeticCrazy said...

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#2 Katy Perry Oh my
#3 Naturalites Lengthening

kelly said...

I would love the 1. Katy Perry eyelashes, i love how theyre so thick, they really blend in well too and i also love how there's a wand for the glue, that helps to get enough glue on the eyelashes and not get it anywhere else!
Thank You SOOO much for this giveaway :D I really do appreciate it :)

Unknown said...
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Sophie said...

1. The Katy Perry Lashes
2. Naturalities
3. Evening wear
Thanks so much for doing this giveaway xx

marlinjx3 said...

1. katy perry oh my
2. evening wear
3. naturalities

love your videos btw :)

julianne said...

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elloyaya said...
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elloyaya said...

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2. Katy Perry
3. Lengthening

AmyDalrymple said...

Lengthening, evening wear, katy perry.

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<3 Amanda,

Brandi said...

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LoveWink said...

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2. Naturalities
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Thanks for doing this giveaway!!!

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