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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: Juice Beauty Blemish Serum

Review: Juice Beauty Blemish Serum

Product Description
A powerful organic fruit acid complex with salicylic acid from willow bark unclogs pores, reduces breakouts and lightens scars while organic aloe, CoQ10 and fat-soluble Vitamin C renew the skin for a healthy, clear complexion.

I received this as a sample from my February birchbox. It must have been kismet because I was breaking out on my chin and getting this serum was exciting!

The sample I used
5ml in size

In a small plastic tube and has a yellow transparent color.
Apply a light layer to entire face, or just on spots, under Juice Beauty’s Oil-Free Moisturizer in the morning and alone at night.

First attempt:

A couple days after receiving my February birchbox, I followed the directions of applying a thin layer after cleaning my face as a spot treatment in the evening.

On the first night, I applied a thin layer unto my clean chin area where I had a combination of white heads and a red swollen pussless pimple. Gross!  When I woke up, the the pimples grew into a full on puss filled pimple. UGH! I continued to follow the routine that morning, I washed my face and applied a thin layer onto my chin. Later that night, I noticed the pimple was still pretty much the same from that morning but continued with that night with the Juice Beauty application. The next morning, the pimple still had puss and one of the white heads had formed into a pimple. At this point, I was annoyed and upset that this serum may be inviting all the pimples in my chin area to show up for the breakout party and I wasn't having it! I stopped using the serum and ended up using my clearasil ultra vanishing acne cream instead to help tone down this craziness. 

Second attempt:

A week later, my chin started to break out a bit with some white heads and I decided to try the juice beauty again. I really wanted to give this another try to make sure I had given this product a full attempt of use. So the routine of applying a thin layer on my chin area began an evening last week and the following morning the white heads on my chin began to be more apparent. Oh no, not again. But I persevered and continued the juice beauty routine. Before the sixth application, I woke up with a pimple and I now swore that this product did NOT work! 

With the organic properties that it had, I was really hoping great things! It was sad because it ended up making the acne on my chin worse!


  • All organic
  • Didn't dry out my skin like other products


  • Didn't help with reducing breakout but enhanced it
  • Expensive
  • Not a quick fix
  • Even after 2 attempts product didn't work

In short:

Ease of Packaging? simple, was in a small plastic tube 
Consistency? very thin and gel like
Reduce Breakout? No, it increased breakout
Clear blemish? Didn't use product long enough to confirm
Cost? Expensive at $29 full size 2oz (sample I received was included in my February birchbox)
Smell? There is a scent but hard to place what this smells like. It doesn't have a flowery or fresh smell.
More information? Yes. www.Juicebeauty.com

Ranking - 1 out of 5 stars
Recommend to a friend - NO!

What are some of your quick fixes to your breakouts?

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FTC: Item discussed was included in my birchbox that I purchased. Review is 100% honest.
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