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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Great Greek - Review (prego version)

The Great Greek
(702) 547-2377
1275 W Warm Springs Rd Ste 160
HendersonNV 89014

Yesterday parents, hubby, nugget and I went to a new Greek restaurant for an early dinner. My parents came here once before and they wanted us to try this place out. Hubby and I usually go to the Fat Greek with decadent desserts and Kyklos Greek Cafe in the Galleria mall.

Upon entering the place, it seemed small and more cafe-ish plus it could have been that there was a party of 9 sitting in the middle of the place. The person who was running the cash register was very nice and welcoming.

My usual go to Greek food are - Tzatzki, babaganoush, Chicken Souvlaki, and kettedakia.

For this visit I went with the chicken souvlaki meal which came with 2 souvlaki sticks, a side of greek salad, a choice of rice pilaf or fries (of course I went with fries, HELLO!) and 2 quarters of pita bread.

The dinner choices with my mates were split right down the middle - 2 chicken souvlakis and 2 gyros. I'm not a fan of gyros because of the lamb that's mixed into the meat.

While we waited for our food, I looked over at the table with the party of 9 and someone ordered a fully loaded burger that had been topped with mixture of chopped onions, tomatoes and tzatzki. Wow! It was called the Athenian Burger and it looked awesome! I might be on a burger craving because a co-worker went to In-N-Out for lunch the other day and i've been wanting to get one since. Lol, these pregnancy cravings.

Our food came out within 20 minutes and everything looked awesome! First thing I dug into was my Greek salad, which I only took 3-4 bites of. It had lettuce, cucumber, red onions, dressing and feta cheese. It was good.

Next I went for my fries and dipped into the side that had sour cream, cucumber, and dill which was meant for my souvlaki and it was delicious! I finally bit into one of the 2 souvlaki on a sticks which I dipped into the sour cream side and it was yummy! The plate setting had the souvlaki drizzled with olive oil that had a hint of lemon in it and garnished with chopped parsley.

All the while I ate I was thinking about that Athenian burger though! haha! I'm glad I didn't get it because I hardly put a dent into my food. I may be craving and eating all sorts of food lately but I only get several bites into each. So with 2 bites of the one souvlaki on a stick and more fries, I was done. We usually get dessert like baklava but we were stuffed!

To keep nugget occupied during majority of our outings to eat at restaurants my phone was in use and thus not many pictures were taken for this review.

Photos that were taken was after we left which was a picture of the restaurant's outer sign and my leftovers in its to go box.

Chicken Souvlaki with fries
Here is a yelp link to pictures that other people had taken of their food - http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/5eV8oUGdBXylwB7HeaDFOA?select=V03b_WSdfljPNb_VJaeG_w

Ratings -

Price: $$ (my souvlaki was $10.50 and the gyros were $7.50)
Location: In a newly built area next to Sunset Station (15 minutes from our house) - 5 stars
Staff: Very friendly, attentive and quick - 5 stars
Inside of restaurant: A bit small and can fill up quick, may or may not accomodate bigger parties but very clean. 4 stars
Food: Delicious! I'm happy I have leftover for later! 5 stars

Other thoughts: I would like to see more desserts, unfortunately the Fat Greek as jaded my expectations of Greek restaurants. 

Overall - 5 stars




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