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Monday, July 16, 2012

What do Playboy & Halle Berry have in common?

Among many things that come to mind, one in particular is PERFUME! Here are the two perfumes that I had gotten.

Halle Berry Fragrance - Reveal

"Reveal is a radiant floral fragrance that has a perfect balance. Light and fresh, it becomes sexier as you wear it. The scent of iris can be a bit dark or woody, but I decided to choose faces of it that make it feel velvety soft and airy." - Halle Berry

Head notes - Red Berries, Juicy Peach, Mimosa, Honeydew Melon
Heart Notes - Plumeria flower, Iris blossom, Neroli Petals
Base Notes - Vetiver, Cashmere Woods, Skin Milk

Playboy Fragrance - Play it Rock

This captivating yet ultra-feminine fragrance is built around an exotic floral bouquet intertwined with sweet and spicy edible notes. The juicy energy of apple and blood orange provokes and lures. Then, when its mysterious and contrasting signature is revealed, this fragrance's rocking personality roars out.

Top notes - Blood orange, Candy apple, Saffron
Heart notes - Passion flower, Frangipani, Orange blossom
Base notes - Black ebony, Vanilla bean, Patchouli, Fleur de Cuir

The Test - 

When I tested these perfumes, I immediately felt that the Reveal perfume was more of an everyday use because of its lighter scent and the play it rock perfume was more for a date/outing/clubbing scent. My initial thoughts before I read the product descriptions of the perfumes on their website matched how I felt.

Overall, I liked these perfumes! These two perfume were in the range of scents that I like and I have been using Reveal on days I go out to run an errand. I also like how you can build the intensity of the scents by adding more or less pumps of perfume.

In Short -

Packaging - Each perfume bottle came in their own individual thin paper box. Ready to use
Quality - High Quality. Scent is build-able by pumping more or less product for intensity
Cost - Reveal $16 (at Walmart); Play it Rock $16.09 (at Target)
More Information Reveal and Play It Rock 

What do you think of these perfumes? What is your favorite perfume?

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