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Monday, July 2, 2012

Do you YEARN to possess... [OPEN/Worldwide]

lush eyelashes?? False eyelashes can give any eye look a kick of drama and I was able to try two pairs of lashes by Coveted Cosmetics

About Coveted cosmetics
We are a humble boutique store that sells quality handmade products like false eyelashes and nail polish strips. We started out in the cosmetics business in the fall of 2008 and have been steadily growing step by step since. Based in the laid back city of Vancouver with its natural beauty, fabulous nightlife and chic boutique shopping, our brand is a reflection of the city’s lifestyle. Our false eyelashes are meticulously hand woven from natural hair fiber. Our quality is comparable to designer brand lashes, but our price is at a fraction of the price. We can maintain this low price because we have a much lower overhead and don’t have to spend money on advertising.
Coveted Cosmetics False Eyelashes are handmade pieces of art. Each individual fiber is meticulously woven together to form beautiful, strong false lashes. We use only sterilized natural hair in their production. The false eyelashes are woven with attention to detail and a lot of patience! The end result is a masterpiece of light, wispy, beautiful lashes that are designed and made to wow the world! Even though they feel feather light, their weaving is strong and durable. With proper care they can last you many unforgettable nights. 

Our company is based in the beautiful city of Vancouver BC, Canada. Our false eyelashes are made in Indonesia. The factory, located in the clean open countryside of Indonesia, helps to support the livelihood of the local people. We feel that it is important our products come from humble beginnings. The factory plays a role in supporting the local economy, providing wages to allow families to send their children to school, provide medical care to the elderly and improve their living standards. The factory produces very little chemical waste as the hair fibers used to make the lashes are natural and the weaving is done by hand. Coveted Cosmetics is honored to have such a valuable partner in maintaining the excellent quality our brand has become known for. We believe supporting all people in their pursuit of a better life is everyone’s social responsibility. [source]

The pair of lashes I was able to use were:
Vamp (natural)
Vamp False Eyelashes create a seductive allure by combining medium density and light density lash that builds to a slight wing at the end of the lash line. Handmade with natural hair, these lashes are the perfect accent to a sexy cat eye and can go from a day to night look in seconds.

Wearing the Vamp lashes (natural)
Teaseaholic (dramatic)
Teasaholic false eyelashes are made using full length teased lashes formed in a long length that creates a flirtacious look.  Comfortable as feathers for they are made of natural hair, durable due to them being hand made.

Wearing the Teaseaholic lashes (dramatic)


Here was how I applied the Teaseaholic lashes -

The packaging of the Teaseaholic Eyelashes

Step 1 - Begin by pressing down on lashes and pulling towards you to gently remove lashes from casing.

Step 2 - Measure lashes against your own and trim, if needed

Step 3 - Apply a thin layer of eyelash glue onto the band, wait 30 seconds to create a tackier glue for application

Step 4 - Gripping the middle part of the lashes, place lashes on your own lashes as close to your lid in the middle of the lid. Using tweezer or your fingers, place lashes as close to your own going from middle and both ends until they are in place.

Step 5 - Using the end of a makeup brush, I press the false lash base to ensure it is reinforced into place.

And you're all done!
Overall, I enjoyed these lashes because of how dramatic or how natural I wanted these lashes to look. They are durable lashes and I'm going on three uses on the 'Vamp' lashes and two uses on the 'Teaseaholic' lashes with proper care..

Pro -

A wide range of lashes to choose from (natural to dramatic)
Durable and great quality lashes
Luxurious feel with hard case packaging

In short -

Packaging - In clear hard shell cases with plastic trays which included a pair of eyelashes. Ready to use.
Ease of use - Yes, apply eyelash glue and apply as close to natural lashes
Cost - Vamp $3.99; Teasaholic $3.99
More information - www.covetedcosmetics.com

Ranking - 5 out 5 stars

Would you recommend it to a friend? YES!

Giveaway Time!

I really enjoyed these lashes and I will be hosting a sponsored giveaway for one lucky winner's choice of one (1) pair of false eyelashes from the Coveted Cosmetics website.

The first 8 tasks on the rafflecopter are MANDATORY and not completing them will not qualify you in this giveaway. When choosing winners, I will select them random via rafflecopter (widget below) ensuring that mandatory tasks have been correctly completed. You can earn more entries by doing any or all of the following per day during the giveaway - tweeting, posting a photo, sharing giveaway or commenting on a previous post or youtube video (more additional info in widget).

This is open internationally for all ages (under 18 must get a parent's permission) and will start 7/2 and ends 7/31 at 11:59p EST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am so excited to host this sponsored giveaway and have you enjoy these lashes as much as I have! Thanks in advance for participating!

Have you tried eyelashes from Coveted Cosmetics? Which do you favor more - Dramatic Lashes or Natural Lashes?

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Stay beautiful inside and out!




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    FTC: A huge thank you to Coveted Cosmetics for allowing me to review their eyelashes! I am in no way affiliated with the company or products mentioned. No cash compensation is being received for reviewing this product. Any opinions about this product is 100% honest and are not construed or influenced by Coveted Cosmetics.


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