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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dino Lingo


Why is it easier for children to learn a foreign language than for adults?
Mainly because imitating and motor learning skills are better during early childhood. Children are simply built to learn and absorb what is happening around them. They are curious and interested in learning about life. It is also proposed that the flexible muscular formation in a child's mouth enables a child to make new and different sounds and tones more easily than an adult's. According to recent studies, children can express 2000 words when they are 5 years old (learning 2-5 new words a day) and may understand 14000 words by the time they reach their 6th year (learning 9 words a day). Scientists propose that children can learn how to speak a foreign language without an accent before puberty (before 13-14 years of age). It is almost impossible to speak like a native speaker (without an accent) if the language is studied after puberty. [source]

About Dino Lingo
Dino Lingo for Kids is a language set where cartoon dinosaurs introduce the most common 200 words of a target language. This language set consists of 5 DVDs, each DVD focused on specific learning topics. Colors, numbers, family, animals, food, fruit and vegetables, vehicles, body parts, clothes, nature and verbs and actions After watching our videos several times, most small children can easily name everyday objects and understand basic phrases such as "Hello", "What is this?" in their target language. Dino Lingo is ideal for fostering a toddler's cognitive development and has won the 'Influential Parents Award' in 2010 and 2011 in education category. Dino Lingo language learning programs are most effective for children up to 7 years of age and anybody interested in learning the basics of a new language. 
It is as easy as child's play and works like magic.
Dino Lingo is an interactive language learning program for children.
Fueled by a child's own imagination, kids learn a new language through
interactive teaching techniques that incorporate play and storytelling and
encourage your child to start speaking it almost immediately.

How to Create a Good Language Learning Environments for Preschoolers
• Have fun integrating the language as a part of your daily routines. For example, sing morning songs in the language, play alphabet and counting games, guessing games, and have a word of the day.
• Read stories to your child in the language. Keep these light, fun, and brief. Encourage your child to interact with the book and you (for example, together, act out the stories, use funny faces, give voice to the characters).
• Find other children who speak the target language for your child to play with. Make these language dates fun by providing props (treats and toys, musical instruments, scavenger hunts). Children learn a lot from each other. Even finding children a bit older than your child will provide positive “big boy” role models.
• Look for games in the target language, including things like board games and flash cards that encourage interactions.
• Find funny cartoons and characters that use the target language.
• Use crafts as an opportunity to speak and interact in the target language. Consider making cultural learning opportunities out of the craft time as well.
• Play songs in the second language in the car or use headphones on public transport.
• Be enthusiastic and positive about learning the language.
• Don’t be overly focused on perfection or correction, instead focus on what your child has achieved.
Source: King, K., & Mackey, A. (2007). The bilingual edge: Why, when, and how to teach your child a second language. New York: Collins

My thoughts - 

With my Influenster mom voxbox, we were provided a code to try out one of the three classes available (spanish, french and chinese) and we chose spanish. My son was immediately interested as soon as the Dino Lingo introduction popped up on my laptop screen and he stayed put until the show was over. 

He didn't mimic the words upon first viewing but was entertained with the interactions between the cute dinosaurs. We have done 'Your Baby Can Read' videos and he has increased his vocabulary from watching that DVD set. I believe that with continued viewing, I feel he could pick up the common spanish words being taught on the Dino Lingo videos. 

By purchasing the Dino Lingo Linguistic Education (using spanish as an example) - 

Most common words & phrases in Spanish
Spanish for kids
5 DVDs / 100 flash cards / 1 poster / 1 calendar
1 picture dictionary booklet 
NoTax $99.95 
Standard shipping : $5.95 | International shipping : $9.95

PRO - 
  • Child from 6 months old to 7 years old have the opportunity to learn a new language with these video DVDs
  • Up to 29 different languages to choose from
  • Ability to try a free class online
  • 30 day 100% money back guarantee
Overall, this is a great way to provide opportunity for your child to learn a new language at a young age and the fact that you can have your child try one class is wonderful.

What do you think about Dino Lingo? Have you started any foreign language education classes for your child?
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    FTC: A promotional code to view a free show of Dino Lingo was provided complimentary from Influenster.


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