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Friday, July 20, 2012

3 DIY headbands with 1 flower! [Mama DIY]

I've been wanting to make a headband for my daughter that had an interchangeable flower that went with different color headbands.

Here was how I made three headbands with one interchangeable flower for less than $5!


1. Find these headbands in the color you want -
At Wal-Mart, they color set I got for $1.97
 [Photo source]

2. Visiting the automotive section in my local dollar store, there was a packet of Velcro stick-on automobile self adhesives for a $1 and I felt that these were best because these would ensure a strong adherence (photo 2).

3. At the Wal-Mart I was at, they had a craft/fabric section and they had these stand alone flowers for purchase (photo 3) for $2.

4. Pulling the velcro apart, take the part with the softer surface onto the center of the headband and pressing down for adherence. Taking the other part of the same velcro (with the plastic/hard side) onto the back center of the flower and press down for adherence (photo 4).

5. Stick the velcro pieces together (photo 5).

And you have just made a headband with one interchangeable flower. Do steps 4 and 5 to the rest of the headbands and you will have 3 headbands ready to go! Your stylish little one will have a cute white flower to go with the headband matching her outfit! 

The final two pictures shows the same flower with a different headband than the one used in the photo directions above.

These headbands were worth $4.97! I plan on picking up more flower colors so that I can coordinate the flowers with my daughter's outfits too. 

How easy was this? 

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