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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jet Setting with my June Birchbox

Summer officially started this month and Birchbox has kicked this month's box by theming it 'Jet Set' for travel. Summer is a great time to travel because of the warmer weather and here are the personalized goods Birchbox choose for me.

Here are the goodies I received:

Note from Birchbox team about the theme 'Jet Set'

Break down of each product with full size cost

Borghese Eye Compresses -
Full Size - pack of 60, $51

Jouer Luminizing moisture tint -
Full Size $38

Scalisi Skincare Anti-aging moisturizing -
Full Size $110
The Balm - Stainiac in Beauty Queen-
Full Size $17

Band-Aid designed by Cynthia Rowley -
Pack of 20, $15 (FULL SIZE)

Birchbox man sample of John Varvatos Cologne -
Full Size $55- 70

Artspace  $25 off discount

Overall, I am looking forward to trying all the products except for the artspace discount. The products in this month's box are things that are importnat to me when I took my personalized quiz. Mainly skin care for anti-aging, under eye concerns and low maintenance makeup. The lifestyle product, band aid, is great to throw in my purse because my son is so active he gets boo-boos here and there and theses band aids are so cute!

The samples I received broke down to these values:

Jouer $1.58
Borghese $0.58
Scalisi Skin care $4.53
The Balm $2.26
Band Aid designed by Cynthia Rowley $15 (Full Size)
John Varvatos cologne $1.29 
TOTAL = $25.24

So this month's box was worth over the $10 I paid for the month and worth even more because I am interested in testing these products out to see if I really see a difference.

What do you think of these products? Do you think they personally fit you?

Interested in checking them out yourself? Visit them at Birchbox.com

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Did you check these out yet??

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    Di said...

    Well that's good you liked your items! Those band aids are cute! Wish I had gotten those.

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