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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Neostrata CoverBlend Multi-Function Concealer SPF 15

Case of the raccoon eyes? That would be me! You know, without concealer your dark under eye areas make you resemble those furry little guys!

I recently shared a review about a concealer from Sheer Cover which I thought was good. 

As I previously mentioned, here are my criterium of my 'Perfect' concealer -

  • Match my skin tone
  • Cover up the darkness under my eyes
  • Reduce the look of puffiness under eyes
  • Cover up redness/blemish for past pimples
  • One product to do all
Prior to testing the Sheer Cover concealer, I was able to test the Neostrata CoverBlend Multi-function concealer SPF 15  for a month.

Who is Neostrata

The creators of NeoStrata Company, Inc., Drs. Van Scott and Yu are internationally recognized for making the groundbreaking discovery that Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) have profound beneficial effect on human skin. Their passion and vision led to their subsequent research which established AHAs are not only beneficial in the treatment of dermatological conditions, but are also effective in stimulating prematurely aged or damaged skin to actually rejuvenate itself, thereby revolutionizing the treatment of aging skin.

Now that we know who Neostrata is here is....

CoverBlend Multi-Function Concealer SPF 15

Conceal and correct skin spots, dark under eye circles, acne blemishes and wrinkles while reducing the signs of aging with this PHA medical makeup.
  • Medical makeup that provides superior coverage of skin imperfections including age spots, acne scars, dark under eye circles and blemishes
  • Polyhydroxy Acid Gluconolactone improves skin tone and diminishes signs of aging
  • Contains a broad spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen
Conceal and correct skin flaws such as dark eye circles, blemishes and age spots with CoverBlend Multi-Function Concealer SPF 15. Blended with antioxidant-rich Polyhydroxy Acid Gluconolactone to enhance and improve skin tone and help diminish the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, this medical makeup combines anti-aging and concealing benefits in one targeted treatment. With a variety of skin flattering shades to choose from, and an SPF 15 to help protect against sunburn, CoverBlend Multi-Function Concealer provides superior coverage for all types of skin imperfections. Ophthalmologist tested.

The Test -

Over a month ago, I had gotten this concealer in the shade sand. I liked this color because it was a tad lighter than my skin color which was great for my preference of lightening my under eye areas and blemishes.

After moisturizing and applying a primer to my clean face, I squeezed a very small dot size of product from the concealer tube onto the pad of my ring finger and dabbed the concealer under my eyes, around  the redness around my nose and onto my chin where I had blemishes. With a dabbing motion, I would blend the product onto the areas of concern and immediately saw these areas concealed. If needed, I would lightly squeeze a small amount and apply more coverage. Once I feel i've gotten the coverage I need, I proceed to finish the makeup on the rest of my face.

Overall, I really liked this concealer because it did its job of concealing my areas of concerns and a little goes a long way. This concealer is build-able and has spf. I like concealers that do its job because it means less foundation for me to worry about. I personally haven't seen it correct my dark spots or dark under eye area but I may need more testing time.

Pro -

  • Great coverage
  • A little goes a long way
  • Build-able
  • Helped me use less foundation
  • Spf 15
  • Ophthalmoligist test - no irritated eyes

In short -

Packaging - Concealer was contained in a 0.5 oz tube with green and grey lettering. Twist off cap and long narrow opening for product to be extracted from. Easy to access product with a light squeeze of tube. 
Quality - had a smooth and a light thickness to product
Cost - $22
Additional - More products within the Coverblend line for more coverage makeup. Check them out on their facebook page too! 

Ranked: 5 out 5 stars
Recommend to a friend? YES!

Have you tried this Coverblend Concealer? What is important to you when you choose a concealer? 

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Stay beautiful inside and out!




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    FTC: A huge thank you to NeoStrata for allowing me to review the PPPP! I am in no way affiliated with the company or products mentioned. No cash compensation is being received for reviewing this product. Any opinions about this product is 100% honest and are not construed or influenced by NeoStrata.


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