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Monday, April 2, 2012

Shopping addiction gone good?

I've been obsessed with buying different beauty products lately like Lipsticks, bronzers, concealers, false lashes, etc. The obsession has gotten to the point where I haven't been able to use many of the items I've bought yet. Along with purchased items, I haven't used many of the products received in my monthly boxes (birchbox, gogogirlfriend, etc) too. Eeek!

As an April challenge, I am committing to using at least one of the products in my 'have not used yet' container and reporting a weekly video/blog on what items they were with my thoughts. New week begins on Sunday and reporting will be on Monday for previous week.

Are you in my same boat? Have you used all the items in your monthly boxes? No? Take this challenge with me!! It can be just a weekly blog update or you can do a blog/video update. Share it via twitter including the hash tag - #shoppingaddictiongonegood. Don't forget to share it with me by commenting in my week's blog with your link info!

I hope I can complete this challenge and put a huge dent into using my products! It would be great to have an outcome of finding my favorite go to product and as the title says - shopping addiction gone good!

Stay beautiful inside and out!

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Mandy said...

I totally agree with you! I did not use any of my monthly box items yet. I love buying beauty products but I only have one face..... lol. And I'm trying to finish some of my opened beauty products before opening new products. I'm excited for this month's boxes!

Di said...

I have this same problem too. Lots of products still in their shopping bags. I need to use before I buy anything else.

MatixsMommy said...

Lol - I am in the same boat! I will totally do this :) Also, I name dropped you in my Julep Maven video :)

reeracoma said...

Haha! love it, only one face! So true! So what other monthly boxes do you have?

reeracoma said...

Oh no! The other day when I was organizing, I definitely had stuff still in bags and boxes. I went in and organized it but still not used! waaah!! I might need to up my daily usage to at least 2 products per day. haha!

reeracoma said...

Awesome, Thanks for the mention Bonnie!! I'm so happy you got to try it out! Show off those colors on twitter so I can see em! =0)

Happy you'll do this April challenge, hope we can get some goodies used!!

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