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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Prego Mama Edition: Facial Skin Care

Hello Fellow Prego Mama!

This is the first webisode of the Prego Mama Edition and I will discussing skin care specifically for pregnant women!

Disclaimer: please consult your health care provider or dermatologist to ensure that the products and ingredients discussed in this video are safe for you to use while pregnant as each person is different.

Our pregnant skin -
Some women may find that their skin has changed during pregnancy. Changes in hormone levels during pregnancy can produce a wide range of skin changes, from acne to stretch marks and most of the changes disappear shortly after delivery.

Pimple breakout and acne -
One of the common things that has happened during each of my pregnancies was pimple breakouts. Extra hormones in our body causes our oil glands to secrete more oil which can cause breakouts.

One of the main things to do help keep breakouts at bay is that we must have a strict cleansing routine. But during the first trimester of this pregnancy, I had morning sickness and keeping my face clean at night would not happen at all because I was more worried about not yacking. Due to this I had random pimples on my face and it didn’t help feel any better with nausea looming at any moment.

An ideal skin care routine for us should consist of -

  1. use a fragrance free soap (to help with not triggering nausea)
  2. clean every morning and night (don’t do more than can cause skin to be dry)
  3. use an astringent to remove remaining oil.
  4. Use oil free moisturizer
But there are ingredients in different products like facial cleanser and makeup that we may want to avoid while being pregnant.

To avoid or consult your health care provider or dermetologist on the OK before use!
On the label:
Beta hydroxy acid
Differin (adapelene)
Sacyclic Acid (no more than 2%)
Retin-A, Renova (tretinoin)
Retinoic acid
Retinyl linoleate
Retinyl palmitate
Salicylic acid
Tazorac and avage (Tazarotene)

Note: Glycolic acid is an AHA, and safe to use

Salicylic acid - mild acid to treat skin disorder like acne - aspirin family. BHA beta hydroxy acid form o f salicylic acid - avoid topical but small amounts applied to skin containing toner once or twice daily is considered safe.  no more than 2% ok. Within my research, there are dr’s that give it the green light and some the red light but consult yours and decide from there.

Also people as early as in their 20’s can start an anti-aging skin regime that they continue to use until their 50’s or 60’s but during this time of our wonderful pregnancy - many ingredients in these formulas can easily be on the DO NOT use list - so consult your dr or do some research prior to slathering on that ‘face lift - bye bye wrinkles - age spots’ miracle cream.

My skin care routine:

Morning Skin Care:
  • Oil of Olay cleaning system with included cream or philosophy cleanser

  • Makeup remover with Clinique makeup remover

  • Astringent (Eskinol or Boots clarifying)

  • Moisturizer

Night Skin Care:

  • One of three - Oil of Olay, using Boots 2 in 1 scrub or using Philosophy cleanser and sponge
Boots 2 in 1 scrub and mask

  • makeup remover (same as above)
  • astringent (same as above)
  • Moisturizer (same as above)

Lazy night - 

microdermabrasion wipes


A facial mask two times a week.

  • Store bought
Chocolate masque

  • homemade ones (oatmeal and honey or egg mask) and pore cleansing

Homemade/ DIY facial treatments

  • Toner
    • Lemon slice, rub on entire face, leave 15 min wash off
    • apple vinegar, rub on entire face with cotton ball
    • coconut water: increases skin hydration, oxygen circulation... (visit for more coconut water benefits)

  • spot treatment 
    • Toothpaste before bed on that pesky red bump to reduce size (won’t disappear)
    • Apple: a slice of apple, pour hot water on it in a bowl, once water absorbed, soft in texture and has cooled down, rub apple on pimple spots. 

  • Homemade masks 
    • egg white mask
    • yogurt mask
    • oatmeal and honey mask
    • avocado mask
Ingredients for these masks and more - http://beauty.about.com/od/skinflaws/a/facemasks.htm

Although the hormones in our prego body may put a damper on how beautiful or sexy we may feel but with these tips to combat some of the common facial ailments, this will sure have you feeling that pregnancy glow inside and out!

Thanks for visiting and watching my first webisode! Subscribe to keep up with the next webisode! Pass this video along to other fellow prego mama!

Stay beautiful inside and out!



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I absolutely Looooooooove it!!!! Yay!!!! Good Job Sis!!! The Video would be a great help for other pregnant momma's out there! :))

reeracoma said...

Thank you so much Sissy!! Hope it helps fellow prego mamacitas. =0)

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