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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hyrdate your face already!

Have you ever wondered what the importance of moisturizing and including spf in your skin care was? Well, one of my friends asked me facial moisturizer advice recently and thought I'd share a bit about it.

I have combination oily skin and before being regimented in my current moisturizer use, I used to think moisturizer was an optional thing. Along with that, I enjoy tanning and would use little to no spf protection on my face until my best friend told me that I should start to care for my skin better.

With some research, I realized I could be causing irreversible skin damage which I needed to change! 
Washing our face strips the moisture and natural oils from it. So by using a moisturizer, it artificially slows the loss of moisture from the skin and gives the skin a temporary appearance of plumpness and fullness [source]. 
By moisturizing in the morning and evening on a daily basis, this helps avoid premature aging and helps keep our skin hydrated. I know aging is inevitable but if I can be proactive with avoiding signs of premature aging from showing up, then why not! 

Finding a moisturizer that suits your skin is key. As a person with combination oily skin, I have a moisturizer that helps attack the oiliness in my t-zone area along with keeping my skin moisturized and protected from the sun through out the day. By choosing the right type of moisturizer, this will ensure it is meeting the needs of your skin.

With a moisturizer suited for your skin, having spf (separate or with the chosen moisturizer) is as important especially if you're going to be out in the sun. It is just as vital to use spf if you plan on hanging out by the pool or simply just out running errands. A good starting point when determining the strength of spf, is spf 15 and depending on the sensitivity of your skin it can go up. If we aren't proactive with spf in our skin care, premature wrinkles around the eyes and sun spots are characteristic signs of skin damage.

As the body ages, the appearance and characteristics of the skin change. Visible aging of the skin starts at about age 25 as the natural regenerative process begin to slow [source]. 
As someone older than 25, I can see I'll need some help with my skin's regenerative process. Having a day lotion with spf suited for my skin along with a night cream to aid in the repair of my skin will help pick up where my skin is biologically slowing down on. 

Anti-aging skin care is very important for me and sleep is the prime time to help in this process. 
In fact, nighttime is the right time to repair aging skin. "During the day, the skin is in protective mode - it's busy fending off environmental agressors like sun, wind, and pollution." says Jeannette Graf. MD, a dermatologist in NY. At night, your skin does the bulk of its repair work, such as creating new cells and mending or shedding old, damaged ones, says Dr. Graf. [source].
Ways to find the best night cream - http://www.nightcreams.org/4-things-to-look-for-in-a-night-cream/

As you can see, there is a very high importance of having a skin care routine updated to include a day and night moisturizer to help with moisture loss, anti-aging and skin damage.

So ladies, what are your current day and night moisturizers? Comment below and share with us what works for your type of skin!

For me - Combination skin
     Day moisturizer: Boots No 7 hydrating moisturizer with spf 15 (suited for combination skin)
     Night moisturizer: Weleda Wild Rose Night cream (currently testing) - all skin
     Backup/go to - Equate beauty lotion with spf 15 (generic version of olay beauty lotion)
I have yet to find my 'magic in a bottle' day and night moisturizers. 

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