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Monday, November 21, 2011

A 2nd birthday party affair....


Saturday was jammed packed with activities! I had work and afterwards went over to my parent's house to get the house decorated for my Nugget aka Nugman's 2nd birthday party! We had a disney cars themed party!

We had an rsvp of 10 kiddos but only 5 showed up so we had tons of extras but it's better than not having enough!

We had a coloring, painting and tattoo station for the kiddos to play with. We had Cars 2 playing in the background too. For food, we served pizza, spaghetti, baked lumpia and turkey.

I made red velvet cupcakes decorated as Lightning McQueen for the kiddos and just regular decorated cupcakes for adults. I also made cake balls in the shape of Lightning McQueen that went on a block of rice krispy as part of the favor bags for the kiddos. The adults got some regular decorated cake balls as thank you desserts.
Decorated water bottles
Lightning McQueen cupcakes

Lightning McQueen cake balls on rice krispy

Cupcake topper

Art Station

Cupcake tower

Kiddo area

Art Center directions

Body art center

Birthday Boy

Thank you cake balls

How he dug into his birthday cupcake

His first ride

Yum red velvet

The kiddo favor bags

Overall, the birthday party was a success!

Now that his birthday is done, we've got Thanksgiving, Baby Shower, My Birthday, Christmas and our new little addition!!

Have a great Thanksgiving week!!




niki m. said...

everything looks so cute, ree!

reeracoma said...

aw, Thanks Niki!!

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