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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ketchup... i mean catch up...

So it's been a lOOOOng minute since my last blog post! Slacking, I know.

What have I been up to?

Mommy news front -

I have been dealing with pregnancy symptoms earlier than with nugget's. I've just entered my 30th week into my pregnancy and I've been dealing with issues sleeping, waddling sooner, gaining more weight than my previous, feeling more tired - just to name a few.

My nugget is turning the big 2 on the 23rd and we are throwing a small family Cars themed birthday party next weekend!! OMG, 2??? Time has zoomed!

I've been trying to get all the themed items together so I'm not rushing to get stuff together at the last minute. I plan to have Cars 2 playing through out the house, an art station for painting and coloring, a dessert area called Sarge's surplus of sweets and a station for temporary tattoo application.  Here are some pictures that I found during my research to have during his birthday!


I'll make sure I share some pictures of his birthday!!


Beauty Front - 

Have I shared how OBSESSED I am with monthly beauty sample boxes???

As many of you know, I've been subscribed to birchbox since June and I've been on a search for boxes similar! During the summer, I joined New Beauty's Test Tube and have received 2 packages so far because they are shipped out quarterly. Last week, I signed up for yet another beauty sampling program called GoGo Girlfriend

  • Birchbox has been great because it is high end beauty products that I can try but last 2 boxes have been kind of boring. I'm hoping the boxes get better. 
  • NB Test tube is is great because it is even higher brand beauty products but many I can't use yet since I'm pregnant. But I like many of the items in the tubes so far!
  • GoGoGirlfriend (ggg) - TBD

I've been forced to do my nails more often because my nails chip within days of putting a new color on!! IRK!!! Ladies, what are your tricks because I could use some!?

I've used a base coat that thickens nails (my nails chip easily too), 2 coats of polish then seche vite as the top coat. But days later, CHIP!! ugh! so annoying! 

I had 2 videos of the prego mama edition but have yet to create the next installment because I'm tired and lazy. haha! I hope I can do 3 or 4 more videos before baby girl gets here. **fingers crossed**


Photo Front - 

Hello 30th week! 11/12 
Nerd alert @ work 11/12
Mani color change 11/11
Vet's day breakfast (chicken fried chicken, scrambled egg whites, gravy, hash brown)
Chocolate on chocolate cupcakes for work potluck 11/9
Hawaiian lunch
Leopard rainbow manicure
baby girl's new kicks from lola
vampire ree for halloween
the ninja in full costume at park going into water park area (he was the only one)

November has some events happening - Nug's bday party, Nug's real bday, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday! Pretty excited!

What are you excited about this month??

Thanks for visiting!




Brandi said...

How cute are you mama!?!?

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