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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Iphone 4s

So over week and a half ago I finally got to upgrade my phone to the Iphone 4s!! I had an iphone over 4 years ago and had several smart phones since. I had a blackberry then to an Android Incredible. I will say that during this transition period, I do miss my droid incredible in some aspects but I'm having too much fun experiencing Siri, the picture quality and all the applications that an iphone offers that a droid doesn't.

So here are some picture fun!! How do you like the Iphone 4s??

Just arrived!!


Instagram fun - only Halloween Decor this year

Work Schwerk...

My throw back cassette case cover for my iphone 4s

Siri randoms - Too funny

Siri is trying her best...

Instagram photo - Nugget watching Up on (my) his droid

I definitely using my netflix app, instagram, echofone, facebook and pregnancy apps constantly!!

Hope you guys have a great Wednesday!




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