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Monday, April 4, 2011

Wanna know more about me? 10 questions to quench that thirst...


My Name is Ree Racoma and Welcome!!

1. Where are you from? 
        Born & raised until middle school in Stockton, CA. Relocated to Philippines for 2 years then finally landed in Las Vegas, NV. where I currently live.

2. Who's Nugget?
         He is my 16th month old son! In the social media world, he goes by Nugget aka NugMan aka Nugster.

3. What is your current obsession?
          My MacBook Pro. My Nikon D3100.  Photoshopping Pics. Twitter.

4. What is this talk about your 2011 Monthly Resolution?
           With the annoyance of how often resolution end up being non-existent by March of each new year, I decided to do a twist to my resolution for 2011. Each month, I will have one new goal resolution that I will devote an entire month to. Once the month is over the goal is over and a new month will be a completely new goal resolution. So far: Jan was Bikram Yoga, Feb and March was Photography (extended this goal because I got sick in Feb) and April will be Nug-Venture.

5. What is Nug-Venture?
            For the month of April, I will create a schedule of activities and events for Nugget to do such as indoor playgrounds, museums, parks, etc.

6. What are some other things you plan on doing for your 2011 monthly resolution?
       Creative writing for a 'one woman' show. Learn 4 phrases in 11 dialects. Be in a contest. Make a cookbook. Learn a dance routine. Create pay it forward crafts. Volunteer for a non-profit organization. Sew an ensemble.

7. What are your favorite shows?
         Glee. Vampire Diariers. True Blood. Dexter. Big Love. Law & Order SVU. 

8. What is a weird fact about you?
         I have hitch-hiker's thumbs and I Love to recite lines from movies randomly.

9. What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
         Patron Silver, chilled as a shot..

10. What are you listening to right now?
          Imogen Heap - Hide and seek

Why did you make a website?
          Previously having a website, it helped me hone in on documenting in an online journal of things that I'm doing and helped me discover creative ways to share! So enjoy!



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