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Thursday, March 31, 2011

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I'm really digging this episode of Glee's Valentine's Day (Silly Love Song). I think Darren Criss did great! 

For those who missed it! Here you go!

So I had the DVR set to record Glee last night but the superbowl went longer so I missed everything after the team walking on the field from their Thriller number. 

I'm so happy to see the show is back! I still have to get Season 2 Vol 1 on DVD! Slacker, I know. 

So for those that missed it, here is the entire show courtesy of HULU.com - Life saver! 


Happy Monday!


So to start the new month's resolution, I wanted to do a detox/cleanse. During my pregnancy, I was the healthiest I'd ever been in my life and I wanted to be cleansed of all the toxins from caffeine, alcohol, and junk food I'd indulge in after I was done breastfeeding. 

After some research, I decided to do the Master Cleanse also known as the Lemonade diet. The reason I chose this was because of its simplicity. Just lots of water, the cleanse lemonade and ways to flush the toxins (laxatives). 

*WARNING: the following account may be TMI due to the flush process* 

My goal for this detox was 1 week. Unfortunately, I ended up doing 2 days and ended it with a nice pastrami and provolone sandwich. FAIL. 

Here was my journey -

On January 31st, I did a research on the Master Cleanse and found these great informative sites. 

On February 1st, I got the necessities of the detox which were lemons, pure water, cayenne pepper, Grade A maple syrup (grade b is suggested), and an electrical citrus juicer. 

  My $15 juicer from Walmart, which works really well!

 The night before my first day of detox, I had dinner at 630p of rice and baked fish. By 830p, I took 3 tablets of the cheapest laxatives and went to bed after some wordfeud and twittering. 

Detox Day 1-
Instead of saying poop I'll substitute with ****

Fortunately it was my day off from the corporate world job but not off from my mama caring duties. 

804a - using filtered (not purified) water with 1 tablespoon of sea salt. The water was cold so it hard to drink down in one swig.

1140am - first drink: one 16 ounce of the lemonade concoction, no **** yet

320p - 2nd drink of 16oz lemonade concotion

620p - 3rd drink of 16 oz lemonade and water

720p - took 4 laxatives

Before bed, I felt my mouth was a little dry and food was on my mind! I am happy I had gotten through day 1. I had 1 **** but felt it wasn't as thorough for the cleanse.

Day 2 of detox -
This day is a work day and as I speculated it was a very interesting day!

630a drank swf. Premade 1st lemonade drink, everything except cayenne pepper.
730a ****.

8am drank 8 oz water
9 to 10a drink first lemonade feel a little bit out of it 
10a on lunch at work  - water & ****.

11 to 130p - Drank 16 ounce of lemonade and lots of water, ****

5p - Drank another 16 ounce of lemonade.

630p - Detox ended with a pastrami & provolone sandwich and 4 golden chocolate Oreos. FAIL!! 

Throughout the night, I had really bad stomach cramps. As you visit the above mentioned sites, it mentions that an "ease out" is imperative! Even with 2 days, the detox routine does something inside that it doesn't have preparation to handle solid foods. 

Day 1 of after detox - 

I woke up this morning with really bad bubble guts. I thought I had to **** but nothing. I drank some coconut water and that helped a whole lot. Maybe the coconut water replenished what I lost during this cleanse. I've still got cramps but its now combined with my stomach growling from hunger. I had a piece of toast and its eased a little bit. 

As I plan on making lemon pound cake with all the lemons meant for the week cleanse, I contemplate on this journey. My next time - do a cleanse that's 24 to 48 hours long. I like the thought of being able to cleanse the toxins that build up and hope my will power will be stronger the next time I do this!

 Happy February! Now more focus on my photography goal!! This week's goal is still life:flowers through http://www.digital-photography-school.com/.


Bikram Yoga 

What an interesting goal! After day 4 of bikram yoga, I highly questioned the sanitation of these classes. On a holiday Monday, my sis-in-law and I were among 26 people that filled up a full room. With inches to spare between each yogee, the down pour of sweat from my neighbors had me silently screaming bloody disgust as I attempted to relax and focus on each pose. Not such an easy feat! During the regroup session my sis-in-law and I had after the class, we discussed the sanitation and whether attending another class was in our near future. I was set on 'No Thanks' and that was the last time I had taken the class.

Here's my Pros/Cons Recap:

  1. Was introduced to coconut water to replenish loss of potassium - now I love it! 
  2. I was able to get active after not being active for over 3 years - exercise wise
  3. I was able to spend some girl time with my sis-in-law
  4. I was able to have an outlet for some 'Me' time
  5. Some instructors were very motivational
  6. Felt great to go through a class without having to rest or stop
  7. Gives me a desire to find more things to keep me active & healthy
  8. The instructors called several days later to ask how I was doing and if I had questions
  9. After class, I felt like I had gotten a massage (a hot one where you sweat - A LOT)

  1. Sanitation (yoga on carpet, down pour body excretions onto my mat - gross, I know)
  2. Expensive after the trial period was over (1 month unlimited $40)
  3. Takes 2 or more classes to feel like you've got the hang of the class
  4. Time consuming (90 min is a little long)
Every person is different. This is how my experience was after 4 classes and not consecutive. It is suggested to get total benefit of the bikram yoga, you should take 6 classes per week. I averaged one class per week for the month of January. Good enough for me! 

My goal was to get back into being active again, looking at alternative ways to be healthy and to find an outlet for some 'me' time. I was able to get that with these yoga classes! So... Mission Accomplished! 

Book Reading Goal -

My goal was to read 2 books. This was a somewhat fail! I read the entire book on the nikon d3100 & my Kelby volume 1 photography book to help prepare for my new resolution next month. I will say I'm not extremely proud of my efforts for this goal! I just didn't have the motivation to read anything! I may have to pick this goal up in the later months. So....
Mission Somewhat Accomplished!

Now on to my new February Resolution - Photography month and do a week long master cleanse! Here we go.....


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