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Monday, April 4, 2011

Archiving old Blitter Status Updates..


2/9/11 (Wed) 920a

This song reminds me of the end of high school. Bills Bills Bills- Glee version by Warblers

  • Getting close to my Macbook pro - I can feel it! haha!
  • Looking at getting a Bamboo Pen Tablet for editing and another way for Nugget to draw without getting color in his mouth or clothes.
  • Agenda for day: Lunch w Mama, Dr Appt and a whole lot of nothing. Sweet!
  • I submitted my first photo assignment through www.digital-photography-school.com of Still Life: Flowers  It was the bouquet from being a matron of honor during the summer.
  • I got a photo gig job in March! Hope I do well! =)
  • DPS - Phototography New Assignment for 2/2 to 2/16 - The Weather Outside Yess!! let's get snappin!
  • DVD on hand - Charlie St. Cloud & The Takers.
  • I think I should do Valentines Day crafts from the little man but I have less than a couple of days. Dang Slacker!! ugh!
  • What are your Valentine's Day plans?? Tweet me @ReeRacoma #VDAYPlans We may do our usual dinner at Battista's Hole in the Wall. Love that place!


 2/4/11 (Friday) 934a

Listening to:
Hold it against me cover by Sam Tsui

Original version by Britney Spears

  • I hate how my laptop sucks so much right now! I'm using the desktop and I just don't like not being mobile. I want my Mac Book Pro Now! Admire it with me at http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/
  • So with my cleanse finished, I've got a bag and a half of lemons that I NEED to use before they go bad. Sorry lemonade, I don't like you that much to make you from scratch! I'm making Lemon pound cake via Martha Stewart - http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/easy-glazed-lemon-pound-cake Tutorial?? Maybe!
  • Fam bam planning on a lunch date at Chow King - yum! need me some taho and buchi buchi. haha.. sound funny.
  • Ok, I think I need to get off the computer and tidy up around this casa! 
Happy Friday!!!



2/1/11 (Tuesday) 9:50pm

Videos of the moment: 
  • The Creep - Loney Island (& do the Creep-aaah)

  • Drinks, Drinks, Drinks (SNL Digital Shorts w/ Andy Samberg & Pee Wee Herman) - HILARIOUS!!
  • Finished doing my new blog - January Resolution Recap (click on blog, above)
  • New resolution starts tomorrow! Photography Month and a week long detox with the Master Cleanse
  • I will be starting the cleanse tomorrow and hope to be done a week from tomorrow! I anticipate on doing a live journal of my journey. Wish me luck!
  • For photography, I will be joining a free online photography school to get assignments to submit, will be researching some by tonight to have ready to go for tomorrow.


1/26/11 (Wednesday) - 11:40pm 

It's Waaaay past my bedtime but I wanted to add the tutorial video I made today. My First!! Yippee!

This is a typical authentic Filipino dish but I made a couple changes to it. I changed the type of chicken meat (to breast) and added noodles (when it is typically just chicken, broth and papaya). 

Alright, gotta go to bed! Night!

1/18/2011 (Thursday) - 9:47pm

Youtube videos I've watched within the last hour:

Bruno Mars - Just the way you are

From my buddy's (JP) recent post - On Jimmy Kimmel, Kobe Versus Ricardo The Filipino BusBoy in 'Pop-a-shot'. Hella Good!

Through the media, there was a lot of flack that Ricky Gervais got for things he said during the Golden Globe - I thought it was hilarious from his beginning monologue. I didn't get to watch the show live but I did catch this....

  •  Can't wait to use my Nikon d3100! Yipee... anyone want to be my model victims? hahaha!
  • Tons of errands tomorrow! Hopefully Nugget will let me get all my errands done. **fingers crossed**
  • Bikram Yoga day 4 (was on 1/17/11) - WOW, the most recent class was such a painful class to get through! It made me not want to go back to class! It was a combination of having 25 overly sweaty people and the instructor not being as fun as the previous ones. I don't know.... I still have 13 more days until the month of January is over and my first resolution will be over! ay yay yay! Can I do it??? 
  • BTW, I'm trying to get my step dad to make Red Velvet Cheesecake at our next lunch.... ooooh I hope he does!! 


 1/13/2011 (Thursday) - 9:48pm

Currently watching the Best of G.I. Joe PSA - This is a capital S.M.H! LMAO!!! 
  • OMG!! Nugget has two more teeth sprouting next to each of his top front teeth! Holy Guacamole! I'll see if he'll let me take a picture tomorrow! Too cute!
  • I'm doing research between the IPad 2 (out in 'April'?) and the Macbook Air. Leaning towards the IPad 2.
  • Resolution # 1 - Yoga is going well. Planning on taking a class tomorrow if my sitter aka mom can watch nugget! Resolution # 2, on the other hand, not so good. Ugh! Maybe my butt can get off this computer and get on my Nikon book for once. hmmmm.....
Here's another video. This was from last Saturday's SNL show with Jim Carrey spoofing Black Swan. He reminds me of his character, Vera Di Milo from In Living Color. Scary but really really funny! 

  • How many of you "T-shirt Tiiiime" when someone yelled "The Cabs are Heeeere!" tonight??? That means you watched some Jersey Shore! You Fist Pumpin' Juice Heads. hahaha! Such an addicting train wreck that I HAVE to watch! 
  • Sheesh, 10:11pm already. Going to hit the sack and maybe go mobile on laptop or just hit some WordFeud (on it? add me ReeRacoma). 
A quick add. 2nd chances happen!

Visit msnbc.com for breaking newsworld news, and news about the economy

Good night~

1/11/2011 (Tues) - 9:32pm

Currently watching more Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 
  • The Marathon continues!! can't stop watching these crazy bitches... BTW, where was Camille's medium psycho friend to tell her about Kelsey Grammer dumping her ass?? hahaha!

  • Happy birthday to one of my childhood BFF, Leilani! 
  • I updated my Blog to have a quick 'Blog Hop" and added my friend's links to my superflous page!
  • I found a visitor feed from my buddy, Allan's Website. You should visit his site! www.allanabutin.com
  • I'm trying to work through my Nikon D3100 book before February because it photography month. I sound like a broken record! shheeesh!
  • I just got my blockbuster dvd's - The Other Guys & Dinner with Schmucks. See! It's because of these DVD's I can't get close to finishing my books! haha..
  • I'm excited I've got my 3rd session of Bikram Yoga tomorrow morning. Yippee! I saw a couple of people in class replenishing themselves after the yoga class with coconut water. I bought some earlier and will try it out tomorrow. 
  • I hear Verizon is coming out with the Iphone! I would love to get an Iphone since I currently have Verizon but.... I'd rather use the dinero for the IPad generation 2 with a camera. My co-worker made a good point that the applications on my current Droid phone (Incredible) can be made by anyone with ability to create with source codes. In comparison, the IPhone application created and downloaded go through Itunes which places restrictions of availability of applications.

Can't wait for some new episodes on January 17th of Skins - US Version, Big Love, & Being Human. Sucks that the new episode of Vampire Diaries isn't until January 27th and Glee isn't until Feb. Can you tell I love me some shows!? haha! Thanks DVR!!!


 1/3/2011 (Mon) - 940am

Watching - "Lovely still" (here's a glimpse of the trailer)

  • January is fitness month for 2011 resolutions with an emphasis in bikram yoga. My plan is start the yoga class either on Wednesday or Friday this week. I'm debating on starting fitness month with a kickbox dvd today. We'll see...
  • So there's all this talk about snow in Vegas and our neighborhood has an umbrella over it because no snow in our neck of the woods.
  • Last night, I was doing some major research on photography tips and looking up different things to make - I'm getting pumped! 
  • I also rented "Easy A" - so i'll try to catch it later today. 
  • UPDATE: Yay, I just got word from my mom aka nugget sitter that she'll be available for me to go to my bikram yoga class. Gotta read up on FAQ on preparing me for the class! 

 1/2/2011 (Sun) - 2:10pm
Now playing - "BodyGuard" on netflix instant watch!
Wow, I haven't updated this in a while! My laptop has been in hiatus and now is in bearable state but I definitely need to get it fixed.... 

Happy new year! 2011! wow, already!? I love how each new year brings on positive optimism! ;0)

  • GI Joe PSA - Porkchop sandwiches: This was a video my fam showed me during our Christmas break! Too funny!
  • I just updated my blog about my "Twist to Resolutions" for 2011. Check it out!!
  • Such a slow and super chill start to the new year, I hope that this laziness will not bleed into stopping me from starting my resolution!
  • I'm super excited I got my complete season of "The Tudors" for Christmas! Yiippee! 
  • Our fam will be heading to mall later for some mall food and candies. *sigh* these are the days of our lives!! lol

 11/30/10 (Tues) 1050pm
  • A little funny before bed time!! Good night!
On the Ellen Degeneres Show - David Beckham does a Prank. This is soooo funny!

& of course the Filipino dad that teaches how to Dougie!! HILARIOUSNESS!! 


 11/30/10 (Tues) 849pm
  • Vegas has been getting into the high 20's on the lows & to high 60's on highs for some days. Here is Nugget bundled up while we ran a couple of errands at Wal-Mart


11/29/10 (Mon) 915am
  •  Watching season 1 episode 4 of Nip/Tuck on Netflix through Wii.
  • Just finished my new blog "Day 2 of 'non-baby' food" - read it today. =)
  • I'm on a major shopping binge, right now!! Amazon.com, Walmart.com and now Target.com. Man! Total OMG!!
  • A friend on twitter @angellovebernal mentioned this on her status update. Pretty good.


11/25/10 (Thurs) 825pm
  • Hope everyone had a great day with family and enjoyed the food coma after all the yummy food!  
  • Just put baby man  down at 820pm. Nug still jabbering away in his bed (now asleep at 830pm).
  • Searching the net -
Target has a Thanksgiving online sale right now. http://www.target.com/b/ref=in_br_display-ladders?ie=UTF8&node=2303748011
  • Didn't find anything I wanted. Just a sign that I SHOULD NOT shop. =/
  • Hubby & I think this is one of the many crazy ass skits that SNL has done recently. Total LOL!! "who's to say?"
11/25/10 (Thurs) 646pm
  •  While we sat around after our turkey feast, my brother had me watch this again. (I saw it first on the Ellen DeGeneres show with the distortion feature and then showed how she looked without it , which was still pretty hilarious). I'm trying to find a program so that I can do it too. How is this NOT funny??


11/23/10 (Tues) 937pm
  • Website has been published and is live on web. Here we go!
11/23/10 (Tues) 4pm
  •  This a hilarious commericial! I do the WEEE part to Nugget and he always gets a kick out of it! Actually many of Geico's commercials (similar to this - like the wood chuckers and the ex drill sergeant as a therapist) is pretty hilarious.


11/23/10 (Tues) 12:57pm

  • I really want to watch this episode of Dexter! But I'll wait until nugget is down for his nap in 30 minutes. 
  •  Nugget is walking around in his walker and I'll be moving him to the next station - crawling time.
  • I feel like major crapsville! I'm running a fever and congested! I'm trying not to be next to the little man right now so I can reduce any chance of him getting sick. My perma-sitter (mom) is also under the weather. Boo!
  • I wanted to finish the birthday blog and then publish this site.


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