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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review: Boots Expert anti-blemish 2 in 1 scrub & mask

I am obsessed with good facial cleansers that exfoliate my skin. I like the thought of my skin being buffed of dead skin cells, dirt, makeup and my pores getting cleaned out!

One of my favorite facial exfoliating/scrubbing cleanser is the Boots Expert anti-blemish 2 in 1 scrub and mask.

Whatever your age, blemishes and blocked pores can be a problem. Take action with this exfoliating 2 in 1 scrub and mask. Cleverly formulated with willowbark extract to help clear blemishes. The exfoliating action will help smooth the skin and clear excess oil, while fruit acids help the skin look brighter. 
Directions -
Wet face and gently massage the scrub into the skin using a circular motion avoiding the delicate eye area. To use as a weekly deep cleansing mask apply to clean skin, avoiding the delicate eye area, and leave the mask to dry for up to 5 minutes. Add a little water to the face and gently exfoliate using a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Unless you're a freak of nature and don't get blemishes or blocked pores, this is great for all ages and skin types.  This can easily be used to be quick exfoliating or if you've got time once a week to deep clean and use as a mask. How great is it to get multiple uses in just one bottle?

Exfoliating your face should be done at least once a week and if you have oily skin then up to two times a week. Exfoliating is meant to make your skin softer and looking healthier and if you've got red or irritated skin, then you should scale back [source]. I feel that this scrub is gentle enough to use everyday which I've done but I have lazy days and alternate every other day.

I bought this from Target late last year and have been fond of it since. The packaging is on a wider and larger scale from a toothpaste tube. The exfoliating particles in this scrub looks like half the size of a sugar granule and the white cleanser is of a creamy texture and does not lather when applying to skin. It is easy to rinse off the scrub from face which leaves my skin soft and smooth from the aloe in it.

A white creamy cleanser with clear particles that acts as exfoliater

The Claim -

Clear blemishes: Only if used daily, a slight fade of blemish was apparent. It may not be as apparent if it is downscaled in usage.

Smooth skin and clear excess oil: Yes and yes! It helped make my skin feel smooth and my t-zone area was clear of extra oil (since I have combination oily skin).

Skin look brighter: Yes. It makes my skin feel fresh and clean!


  • Multiple use as a 2 in 1 scrub/mask
  • Gentle enough to use daily
  • Met all claims in my test
  • great price at less than $6 from Target
  • Liked it had natural ingredients 
  • Unscented


  • To clear existing blemishes would need to use product more than twice a week
In short -

Packaging - Packaged in a wider and bigger tube than a toothpaste tube, product squeezed out easily, can accumulate in tube opening and dry to a dark brown consistency.
Texture - product is a creamy white scrub with small exfoliating beads
Ease of use - easy, directions are simple to follow
Smell - unscented
Cost - less than $6, I purchased it from Target
More information - http://us.boots.com/BrandNo7/

Ranking - 5 out 5 stars
Would you recommend it to a friend? YES!

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FTC - not a sponsored post. Product was purchased by me and thoughts are 100% honest


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