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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

True blood . SNL . Steven Tyler - D3

I tweeted earlier how my decrease in #'s of tweets because Nugget has become the new owner of my cell phone by watching Netflix Instant Watch of Toy Story 3 and Up.

It rained in Vegas today. I guess we need the rain but I'm wondering where our summer will officially happen and stay!

I cancelled my MarieClaire magazine subscription and picked up InStyle Magazine instead.

My look today -

The goodies I got today -


June 26th can't come any quicker!! True Blood - CAN'T wait!!


Looking forward to some major laughs with SNL season finale!

Steven Tyler's new single -




niki said...

Loving the bangs! Excited for True Blood too... TEAM ERIC. lol

reeracoma said...

LOl, thanks! They're extensions. I can' quite commit to cutting my hair for bangs. :0/

I know I'm super excited for True Blood. Have you read the books? They aren't exactly the same story but the gist is the same.

LHEY said...

Im excited for True Blood Also!!! on the other note, Pin up look fits you so well. Classic Beauty. :))

reeracoma said...

@lhey, I haven't checked comments on here! How have you like true blood so far? Thanks, I love the pinup style so much! =0)

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