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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hump Day Photos & stuff

Here is a slideshow of photos I just took and edited this morning.

In order -
1.Self Portrait - just submitted for my photo assignment. (homelife : leisure time)
2.Nikon camera cap with my moon manicure
3. HomeLife : chores - DIAPER DUTY
4. Homelife : chores - Dirty Dishes 1
5. Homelife ; chores - Dirt Dishes 2
(Homelife:chores - was intended to be submitted but I didn't submit because I was a couple hours late. slacker!)


Next assignment - Doors.

Randoms at the moment:

  • Mother, 3 children drown after she drives van into river - Seriously, can there be some sort of process that tests the sanity and ability of some parents to care of children?? This is just sad and disgusting! I wish there was a way to avoid this bullshit! Pray for those litte ones!
  • Woah! Applebee's restaurant 'mistakenly' gave alcohol to 15 month old who later tested with a blood alcohol content of .10%, which is 2% over legal limit of an adult driver with alcohol. If he drank more he would have died! Scary! Bring your own stuff!!

  • Battery juice on MBP is 15% gotta charge soon.
  • Craving some turkey sliders
  • Vegas Highs will be 74 degrees, park time for us?
I hear the rustling of the NugMan from his nap. Gotta get into mama mode and out of Ree mode. =0(



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