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Thursday, April 14, 2011

PriceTag.News.WakaFlocka - Do3

Here is my daily dose 3.

1. Music time - Digging this version! This duo is AWESOME!!


2. On the News Front -
  • OSHA to do a Hazard Alert with the Brazilian Blowout due to exposure formaldehyde, which could lead to cancer. - the price of beauty? pass...
  • Gas prices will be 40% higher as the economic recovery continues!? - man, that sucks for our hot ass Vegas summer! I've got to find some homebound activities... more blogs??
  • Surfers risked crocs exposure to catch a 55 minute wave in Northern Sumatra. - That's commitment! Surf on bro!
  • Damn, the 80's was a major SMH with fashion! To think we thought this was THE style!
I don't know what's hotter - The way the bomber jacket is draped past his shoulder or the multiple gold necklaces. 
Instant panty dropper. Mid-riff Mickey Mouse shirt, blue tye dyed jeans and the Pocahontas hair! 

3. Cute little boy is grooving as he sleeps and wakes up in time to sing the chorus!! Cute!



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