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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nails and half nekkid ladies....

Now watching -

Skins BBC season 2 Ep 5.

So, I really wanted to redo my nails because the curve on my moon part of manicure was jacked up. So I decided to redo it. Base was bright pink and rest of the manicure was Private Jet. Here is what I just finished doing:

  • Pink moon with Private Jet

Moon manicure 1

Moon Manicure 2

When I was watching the Britney Spears Then & Now vid, I found these half nekkid pics...

Keri Hilson & Ashley Tisdale - The two singers appear in the annual nude-celebrities-who’ve-just-master-cleansed issue of Allure magazine.

Keri Hilson

Ashley Tisdale
Source:  Popdust
Hello there ladies!! 

Later guys!


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