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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a Haul...

I wanted to share my quick haul from today.

1. Revlon Photo Ready Makeup in 007 Color Beige.
        I wasn't sure if the color I bought matched me. I referred to this site to determine if it would match me before opening.


I'm usually a NC 42 with MAC but this indicated that this color would match a NC 35/NC 37.  I think this should be fine.

2. ELF -
     * Lip Stain - Red Carpet (red) & Birthday Suit (pink)
     * Lipstick - Posh (red)
     * Brush Shampoo

3. Other -
     * Fake individual lashes
     * Hair Dye
     * Makeup sponge

Just as I was trying to take a picture of the Birthday Suit lip stain, I noticed that it was used. Ew! I have to go back in and return it for a new and unused one! While I'm at it I will get the right photo ready foundation - 008 Golden Beige. While I'm there, I'll get a foundation brush too.

*UPDATE - I went to CVS earlier today and got Revlon Photo Ready in Golden Beige 008 and Color Stay foundation 12 hour stay in Toast. They had a buy 1 get the 2nd at 50%, so I scored a deal!  I will use one of them tomorrow and post pics. 

Garden Month (April):

I got 5 pot plants to participate in the National garden month. Target had 4 of these for $1.00 and one of them was $2.50.  I got basil, green pepper, sweet pepper, sunflower and a spruce tree. I'm excited about getting a mini garden growing! I will take pictures of their growth. =0)

That's it for now. I'll keep ya'll posted.


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