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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A reality star's Thanksgiving Favorites...

 Happy Holidays and long time no blog!

These last two months have been such busy times of the year for my family and I! My son's birthday and Thanksgiving in November then my daughter's birthday, my birthday, Christmas and a wedding in December! Whew!

Sorry for the delay in my monthly unboxings!

Here is the video for Novemeber's Love with Food box that was curated by Amy Roloff! I will have December's unbox up soon after I receive it!

Here are individual photos of the items in the box. By clicking on the photo, you will get to the website for each product!


Click this link (http://refer.ly/aYmT) to get to Love With Food's website and use code HOLIDAY12 for $5 off any plan!

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Stay beautiful inside and out!




Did you check these out yet??


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