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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Want to Live Worldly? Changing the world through Fashion, Compassion and Hope


About Live Worldly

Welcome to Live Worldly. Here's to a life full of inspiration, beauty, intrigue, compassion and hope. When these attributes come together they have the power to transform the world. It's this belief that lies at the heart of our company philosophy. Be part of something bigger. Live Worldly.We have handpicked products from around the world to share their unique stories with you, along with the incredible stories of the people that create them. When you purchase any of the products in our collection, a portion of the proceeds will go to our non-profit partner in that country. Some of our products may be inspired by one country, while produced in another, with materials sourced from a third. You will always learn what charity your purchase will benefit by referencing the product descriptions.We recognize that we all share a collective, human spirit and believe in the power of a more connected, global community. While each item we bring to our patrons is significant, standing on its own, they all coexist as part of a greater whole - the Live Worldly brand. We can't be defined in a single style or fashion trend. Instead, we're defined in our spirit. Live Worldly helps our customers pursue passions and meaning by celebrating who they are as individuals. We discover and then share. We offer new perspectives and challenge perceptions. We embrace culture, and in the process, help define it. And along the way, we hope to make our world, and all of the amazing cultural character within it, a little richer. [source]

During summer, I was excited to use the items from Live Worldly because I thought they were great in kicking off the warmer weather.

1. Live Brazilian Bonfim Sarong

This colorful Brazil themed sarong is worn by many Brazilian locals both on and off the beach. Wrap it around your waist as a skirt, use it as a dress or even a towel! It is 64" x 50" and made of 100% cotton. As part of Brazilian tradition to wish good luck, the sarong is inscribed with the phrase "Lembranca Do Senhor Do Bonfim Da Bahia" which means "In Remembrance of Our Patron Saint, Good Luck in Life." A portion of the proceeds from the Bonfim Sarong is dedicated to saving the Brazilian rainforest through the Nature Conservancy's plantabillion.org. Cost $25

My thoughts - On the first day of the summer, I was heading to the pool so I grabbed this bright colored sarong and wore it over my pink and brown bikini. This was made of high quality bright colored cotton material was easy to use with a couple of knots. Every opportunity that I had a bikini on I chose this to wear over it. I had gotten several compliments on how nice it looked and once was asked if they were multiple pieces of clothing (a sarong? a dress?). This by far is my favorite piece of clothing when I'm going to the pool and loved how vibrant the colors were. 

2. Live Brazilian Ipanema Beach Bag in Gold


Inspired by the famed beaches of Brasil, this Ipanema beach bag from is a colorful and versatile choice for seasonal fun, whether you're heading to the beach or to the library. It has double handles with 13" drop, top zip closure, and is 100% cotton. Dimensions: 15-1/2" W x 13" H x 1/3". Available in an array of vibrant colors, each handmade bag is unique. A portion of the proceeds from this item is dedicated to saving the Brazilian rainforest through the Nature Conservancy's Plantabillion.org. Cost $30

My thoughts - 
While on a week vacation out of town in July, our family spent majority of the time away at the pool and this beach bag was the only bag I chose to use to throw all the pool essentials. The beach bag was soft and sturdy to touch and was very roomy to fit all the essentials and more! The colors were perfect in uplifting my mood when I saw it and the handle straps were a good width ensure a balance weight when on my shoulder. I really enjoyed this bag and have continued to use it as the bag that contains all of our pool essentials. 

3. Live Brazilian Decenario in Ocean - Self Confidence, Knowledge

Decenarios are composed of knots and could be used as rosaries. They are worn to celebrate births, communions, and weddings. They bring good luck and each color has a unique significance. Ocean - Self-confidence, Knowledge. Cost $6

My thoughts - Being Catholic, rosaries plays a big part in prayer rituals and getting this handmade rosary with the Virgin Mary and a cross made with the same material as a pendant was nice. It was easy to put on and adjust to my wrist. I felt the material was very sturdy, firm and soft to use and touch. Although it indicated that it is usually worn to celebrate births, communions and weddings, I just added this great bracelet to my everyday ensemble.

4. Live Brazilian Medium Brazilet Bangle

As part of a centuries-old Bahian tradition, this Brazilian bracelet is meant to bring you protection and good luck. A portion of the proceeds from this item is dedicated to saving the Brazilian rainforest through the Nature Conservancy Plantabillion.org. Cost $12

My Thoughts - 
This chunky hard bangle covered in three colored fabric was bright and great to wear during the summer. I seldom wear many bracelets and wearing this bangle around my wrist was a little harder to get used to than I thought. A quick adjustment of pulling the bangle up towards my elbow and was able to wear it with ease.  

This was how I wore both the pieces initially and liked that the pastel colors were perfect with warmer weather.

5. Mango Brazilet with Black Text | Brazilian Wish Bracelet

Recognized as a tonic for the soul this healthful color is associated with joy, enthusiasm, determination, encouragement and success. Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain is said to increase immunity and sexual energy. It is a creative, exhuberant color that artfully blends the fire of red and the joyfullness of yellow. The warm color symbolizes the needs of the physical body making Mango Brazilets a wonderful gift to friends and family who need a mental pick-me-up or a shot of creativity and detemination. Wrap a Mango Brazilet around your wrist to remind yourself that joy, excitment and success belong to everyone. View other Brazilet colors. A 200-year old Brazilian tradition of good fortune, for you and the planet. Wrap the Brazilet around your wrist, making three knots and three wishes. When it falls off, it is believed that your wishes will come true. So will ours - a portion of the proceeds from Brazilets is dedicated to saving the Brazilian rainforests through the Nature Conservancy's Plant A Billion Trees project. Cost $5.
My Thoughts -I have been wearing this bracelet for over two months and it hasn't fallen off yet. I am still waiting for it to fall off and have my wishes come true but as all 'wants' it takes a while if it's meant to happen. As you can imagine, this bracelet has become tattered from wear and 'no-tear' but it is a pretty durable bracelet. The lettering has completely disappeared entirely and it has some frays here and there. 

Overall, I really like what Live Worldly does by creating a conglomerate of products from all over the world available in one place along with helping return portions of the proceeds back to the country. As they would say, "Changing the world through Fashion, Compassion and Hope", what a great motto! The products were of quality material which I thoroughly enjoyed using with many more products that I would love experience first hand.

What do you think of Living Worldly? What products would you like to get from their website

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    FTC: Products mentioned were provided complimentary by Live Worldly


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