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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Are YOU due for a Deep Cleaning.....

On your makeup brushes??

It is suggested to deep clean your makeup brushes on a monthly basis but more often if you don't clean your brushes after each use!

Did you know...
Not properly cleansing brushes encourages the harboring of bacteria and oils that promote breakouts, a less than even makeup application, resulting in muddy, dull colors, and shortens the lifespan of your brushes. [source]

Here is a tutorial on how I clean my makeup brushes.

Daily Cleaning -

After using from a makeup look, I spray my makeup brushes with my E.L.F. daily brush cleaner until the bristles are saturated. I swirl the bristles onto a clean paper towel until it the brush no longer expel color. If I've gone a couple of days without cleaning my brushes but I don't have time to do a full deep cleanse, then I will take the highest percentage of rubbing alcohol and do the same as I would with the E.L.F. daily brush cleaner by saturating, then swirling onto a paper towel until clean.

Monthly cleaning -

On a monthly basis,  I try to do a deep cleaning of my makeup brushes. 

Step 1 - 

I wet my brushes under running water.

Step 2 -

I take a small dollop (no bigger than a pea) of  E.L.F. brush shampoo (alternatively you can use baby shampoo or facial cleanser) and apply that onto wet makeup brush. 

Step 3 -

Massage shampoo into the bristles then placing brush downward in running water, I rub the  brush until water runs clear from brush. If the brush doesn't run clear, then I massage more shampoo onto the bristles and run under running water again.

Step 4 -

I squeeze water from brush with fingers then again between paper towels.

Step 5 - 

I lay the brushes flat to dry.

On a rare occasion (rare because I don't get to often enough but should), I will take the highest percentage of rubbing alcohol and do a deep disinfectant cleanse. 

What I disinfect - EVERYTHING!

After spraying a spray bottle with the rubbing alcohol onto an item, I wipe down with paper towel and let air dry.
  • Makeup brush handles
  • Any surfaces of my makeup that I would touch with my hands
  • Dry makeups like eyeshadows, blush, powder foundation, etc
  • Lipsticks
  • Lipliners and eyeliners
When was the last time you deep cleaned your makeup brushes? When was the last time you disinfected your makeup? What do you do differently?

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Brandi said...

I just washed out my brushes this past weekend but sadly I don't do it every day! Once a month usually. :( I will get better!!!

reeracoma said...

@brandi - I know I have to get better too! :0)

Lhey Ralston said...

Once a month at least too. Yay!

reeracoma said...

Nice!! Go sissy!

Di said...

I wash my foundation and eyeshadow brushes after every use. All other brushes ever 1-2 weeks. Good idea on the alcohol. But will it dry out the brushes? Great post Kappatwit!

reeracoma said...

It's what mua do to clean between clients when applying makeup. I don't know if it it harm it in the long run but I'd prefer to spray it down than shampoo to rid of bacteria.

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