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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My April Hits and Miss

This month's hits and miss are going to be a blog only (no youtube video) because I realized I didn't have very many favorites for April. I am currently testing several things this month so May's Hits & Miss should be more eventful.

Here are my April Hits -

First is the Rimmel Lash Accelerator. I am in LOVE with this mascara. It gives my sad display of eyelashes some extra vavoom. After curling my lashes for 5 seconds, I apply one coat and I've got some noticeably pretty lashes. I've done the trick where I've used 2 different lashes to get some plump but these by itself do the job. 


Easy segue into more lashes is my Eylure Naturalites Evening wear. I have a current giveaway for these lashes along with Katy Perry lashes - so check that out. I love these lashes because it has a good bodied look to them when I wear them. With proper care, they last longer than 5 wears and are great quality lashes. 
It's a deep moisturizer and acts like food for your skin in that it nourishes as well. Apply CO! Creme to your skin to moisturize and nourish if you are in the sun, wind, ice, rain, water, chemicals, etc. Use after extreme exposure for moisturizing relief. Make-up remover, cuticle cream, intense nighttime moisturizer, before and after the sun lotion, as a conditioning aftershave for face or legs. Climb On! Creme is a perfect moisturizing diaper rash cream, as a cradle cap lotion or any skin problem that is tender and needs easy application in order to moisturize. [this is all it says it'll do on their website]

Now on to something I received in my April Conscious box. I received a sample of Climb On Products' creme sample of their intensive skin repair. This is like a miracle in a sample container! I have been battle a small patch of exzema on my leg for so long and it got worse when I was pregnant. Worse because I was scratching the heck out of it and now i've got dark spot blemish on my leg. So when I received this sample, my eczema was still acting up and with one use the itchiness had subsided. After 2 full days, using it morning and night, the inflammation was gone! Now it has completely dried up and if I feel the slightest itchy feeling, I'll apply a small amount on. Plus it's all natural! Serious, miracle in a sample! I will be purchasing a full size once i've used this up!


For makeup, I've been reaching for this in EVERY application and it is my Cover Girl & Olay simply ageless eye corrector. After I prep my baggy and dark under eye area with primer, I dab a thin amount onto my under eye area and voila i've got a neutral area to conceal. I like this because it is a mix of being creamy but easy to smooth on when applying. 

Did you think I was done with lashes? Nope, here is my current favorite eyelash glue and it is by Kiss. It indicates it has 24 hour staying power and that claims to be true in my case! My eyes tend to water up through out the day and my falsies are flapping in the wind. Not cute! These on the other hand stay true to its word and stuck my falsies on! When I remove them after a couple of hours, I have to either use makeup remover or just be extra gentle in removing because they are stuck on my lids a lot stronger. Overall, this a great bottle of eyelash glue and it does have a slight smell to it even though it says it is odorless. 


Snack: My brother's girlfriend introduced these to our family and we love them!! They are from Trader Joe's and they are called Cookie thins - toasted coconut. It is too darn good!! 

My April Miss was - 
The main miss for me was the brow pencil and not so much the highlighter which I liked. The brow pencil seemed to big for what I'm used to which was more of a precise application. I feel that you have to sharpen it often to get the point the way you want it and thus more product wasted. 

So those were my April Favorites! Any thoughts on my faves this month? Comment below!!

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'Stina D. said...

I really wanna try the eyelure lashes!!! And I wanted to try the NYX brow & highlighter pencil too. It does seem big, but I still wanna see if I'll like it! Thanks for the heads-up!!

reeracoma said...

Th eylure lashes are great! It may be a miss for me but a hit for you with regard to the nyx push up bra. Thanks for reading my blog!

JanM ♥ said...

Need to try the Rimmel mascara! I'm trying my mom's mascara right now which gets a ton of compliments according to her :)


reeracoma said...

What brand are you trying out? Thanks for reading my blog post!

Di said...

Oh man! Sorry about the NYX! That sucks. I was hoping to try it out. But if I had to sharpen all the time yah it is a waste of product. I'm curious to try that cover girl concealer

reeracoma said...

It's ok. I really like the highlighter part. Great alternative to cleaning up my brows. The pencil though wasn't what I wanted. I love the cover girl correcter it def helps neutralize the crazy discoloration.

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