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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January (?) Gogogirlfriend Unboxing

Hello Beauts!

Here is my January Gogogirlfriend unboxing. This box was meant to be a December box but only received it last week. Boo!

The items received were: 
  • Comodynes self tanning 
  • Blossoms Lip gloss in sunset
  • Blossoms Lip pencil in current
  • Blossoms all natural shea butter soap in Brazilian Jasmine
  • Renu Derma creamy cleanser
  • Blum facial cleanser
  • Gogo Girlfriend floating candle
  • Spa Terry Cloth adjustable headband

Thoughts on Gogogirlfriend as a company and its products:

This is my second box with GGG and I am not a fan of the company and its products. I feel that they have bad customer service and the products aren't very high quality with comparison to Birchbox.

The monthly subscription payment is taken during the middle of the month and you don't receive a box until the middle of next month. For this box, they deducted the $12.99 in the middle of December and I didn't receive this box until last week. I think that's ridiculous!

The products are items that I wouldn't purchase on an everyday basis, which is the nice thing about these monthly boxes - the discovery of new products. I could see that the total value of the products sent were worth the $12.99 paid.

I ordered a discounted deluxe box during the first couple weeks of December and I will do an unboxing for that once I get it! But for the time being, I have decided to cancel my membership with GGG.

Have you been with GGG for more than 2 months? How do you like it? What do you think of their customer service?

Learn more about Gogo Girlfriend at http://www.gogogirlfriend.com

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