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Monday, August 22, 2011

Project Makeup: Mac Barbie Look

Over 3 months ago, I had a goal of doing a month long of different makeup looks which would have been fine if I didn't feel so gross and suffered morning sickness. But this was the first morning (after nugget went down for a nap) that I was feeling up for a makeup look.

So I decided to do this look today -

Here is my Barbie Look -

Here is a video of my venture into Babie-Hood...

Products used:

Moisturizer - Boots No 7: Hydrating formula
Primer - Ulta Mattyfing Primer
Foundation - Maybelline 24 hour liquid foundation in natural tan
Under eye concealer - Hard Candy Eye concealer
Eye Primer - Elf Primer
Brow Pencil - NYC eye pencil in brown
Green, Green, Silver, Brown shadows - coastal scents 88 palette
Liquid Liner - Elf liquid black liner
Bronzer & Blush - Elf Bronzing and Blush duo
Lip line - YBF plum lip pencil
Lipstick - Maybelline Born with it
Gloss - Elf Shimmer gloss

It was weird to just take all the makeup off after I took these pictures but I didn't have any where to go. =0(

Hope I can do another makeup look soon!! 





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