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Monday, May 9, 2011

Self Portrait Tutorial!!

One of my May resolution was to do three tutorials. Here is my first of the three.

Set up:
I am a very amateur photographer (who just started in February 2011) and I'm learning so many things with my Nikon D3100. One of the things that I really like doing are self portraits. In one of my late night researches, I found a fellow photographer name SnapChick who did self portraits and had sent me a link to a program to download to have my camera capture pictures at an interval. The program worked great with my PC but it didn't work with my Mac. I did more research and found - Icarus Camera Control, and must I say - I LOVE THIS PROGRAM to bits!!!

Here is my first tutorial on how I use Icarus Camera:

Here is a teaser from my self portrait shoot earlier today. Visit my photoblog for more!

Here are the links to the programs to download. They are completely FREE and do NOT require a sign up.

Just in case the above program doesn't work, here are the other two that I've used -

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Brandi said...

Hey, cool tutorial!! I'm saving to buy a DSLR so maybe you can teach me how to use it?? :)

reeracoma said...

Sure Brandi! It's definitely a fun hobby! =0)

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