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Friday, May 6, 2011

Randoms . Pacman . Jersey Floor - D3

Hello there.

It was a nice day today. I did a nail change. Finally! It was looking like the "drag my nails as I walk" look. Not cute!

Pink manicure

  • I touted some random stuff about Vegas Traffic
  • I got to do a little project on some DIY light stands today. Man, I was having some issues cutting the PVCs that I broke the cutter I just bought. #fail But I was able to cut all the pieces before it did. I did a test but realized that I bought the wrong size t plugs. I did a test earlier and it was ok. It wasn't purely stable but it'll work.
  • San Gennaro Feast is happening as we read until Sunday. Here is the actual coupon you can use to get a discount. I think we may go but not sure for which day. I love the zeppole!! YUM! 

  • Pacquiao vs Mosely tomorrow @ MGM. Who are you rooting for?? I'm a Pacquiao fan! He's a great fighter and such a philanthropic man for the Filipino people in the Philippines. Pacquiao asks fans to wear Yellow during the event as a symbol of unity and hope to end poverty. - Wow, he is definitely a hero in many people's eyes! Go PacMan.
Check out these videos of Jimmy Fallon's show called - the JERSEY FLOOR. Hilarious!

Episode 1 -

Episode 2


I was researching stuff on pinup bangs and found some pictures that I thought were either hot or things i'd like to replicate.

Happy Friday!




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