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Monday, May 2, 2011

Just off the cuff - Random things...

On a lighter note from my Bin Laden post....

I just started - "All Good Things" on instant watch Netflix. Here's the trailer:

  • True blood comes out June 27th - their slogan during this waiting is so true - WAITING SUCKS!
  • Pacquiao VS Mosely this Saturday (5/7) - of course I got my dibs on Pacquiao. Mosely isn't what he used to be due to AGE! 
  • 6 tips for better baby teeth - parents mag. Got to make a dentist appointment him and I. 
  • I need to return these blockbuster dvds. I've had them for going on 3 weeks now. Little Fockers and the Expendables. I really want to watch Black Swan and its been waiting for me at the store to rent! 
  • My parents are going to Italy for 2 weeks. I want to go!! :0(
  • We are heading up to Utah to visit in-laws during the Memorial Day weekend.

For some reason really want to watch National Lampoon's European Vacation. 

So enough of this random stuff. I gotta finish this movie before the little doode wakes up from nap #1.

Let's 'try' to make Monday a good day even though it may suck really bad!




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