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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Touting and Girl's Night Out.

I slacked yesterday on my blog! So sorry..

Yesterday, I had work then immediately got ready to have GNO with my sister-in-law. I uploaded some random crazy vids on tout account! 

It's funny how there are certain words I sing while I tout. haha! 

Some people don't understand touting - I guess it was the same way with twitter when it first came out. But I enjoy it! 

Btw, I was put onto the 'FEATURED' section of tout's website!! It's pretty awesome!

Racomaree = ReeRacoma. YIPPEE


Pictures from our Girl's Night Out last night.

Ready to go!

My Din-Din. My salmon rolls and lettuce wraps.

Dessert time! Velvet cupcake w/ cream cheese frosting and vanilla ice cream.

Night cap - Martini

My sister-in-law and I.

Ok, that will be it from me!

Hope your Easter was great! Happy Easter and Happy Passover!




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