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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Primers & Liquid foundation - HELP!

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Anyways, I decided to start using liquid foundation and I picked up Revlon foundations - Colorstay and PhotoReady. Today was my 2nd day using liquid foundation (PhotoReady) and I'm still mixed about whether I like it or not. I am not proactively using a 'primer' but I'm using Olay Regenerist serum, which I heard can be used as one. Unfortunately the serum doesn't mattify my skin from the oiliness and doesn't moisturize enough in the dry spots.

*Just a background, I was an avid MAC studio fix user then I switched over to Bare Escentuals. I am currently using my Bare Escentuals as my loose powder after the liquid foundation is applied. I am more interested in having my makeup look light and very natural.

I have combination skin and I noticed (with Olay serum and PhotoReady foundation) how un-smooth my skin was today. I saw the milia on my forehead and extra dryness around my mouth area where I had applied concealer.

Researching some info on minimizing the milia, I found that it is recommended doing face masks to help do a deep clean and to minimize pores.

I've only used the PhotoReady foundation but plan on trying the ColorStay foundation to see how that works on my skin.

I'm all new to this foundation stuff - so those makeup gurus, throw your girl some tips. =0)

I will do some follow up blogs on how this quest goes!


Update: found a youtube.com (gotta love people doing tutorials and reviews) on L'Oreal Studio Secret Perfecting base VS Vagisil Monistat anti-chaffing cream.

(can't embed but this is someone doing a review on it!)  L'oreal VS Vagisil


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