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Monday, April 18, 2011

LMFAO.News.Passover - d3

It's Monday again! Here is my daily 3! enjoy!

1. Music time -
A pick me up for those with a case of Mondays (a friend posted this for his bday, fitting) -

2. On the news front -

  • How little sleep can you get away with? "the sleep-deprived among us are lousy judges of our own sleep needs. We are not nearly as sharp as we think we are" - I will still try to get my 8 hours as much as I can and squeeze in siesta time during the day when nugget goes down and weekend!
  • Some article titles are crazy! "As sign? Man bursts into flame at San Francisco Sex Shop" A pastor has been trying to close down this particular sex shop and when man burst into flames believes it could have been of higher power! - Man, there would be tons of people bursting into flames in Las Vegas!
  • This fool left a t-shirt with his face and the words, "Making Money is my Thang" at a home invasion he committed! - Big Dummy!

3. Happy Passover - represent for my family that is Jewish! =0)




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