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Friday, April 29, 2011

LazySong.RoyalWedding.Prom - D3

Hello... I am doing my bloglovin early so I don't get lazy later. I'm already too lazy to do the dishes. waaah!!

Here's the daily 3 -

1. Music 3 minutes or so....
Last week or 2, this has definitely been a mantra to how I've been feeling aside for hanging out with my NugMan. This video is pretty funny~


2. My coverage (somewhat) of the Royal Wedding with pictures. 

This is all food! A portrait with food. WTF??
I must say I am a sucker for weddings. I just had to peek at some pictures. Didn't watch the event.
Oh Hell NO!! Is this person that serious??

I don't understand the fashion with these crazy looking hats! It's not cute.

3. Will you go to prom with me?
I love how these kids are getting so creative with asking people out like prom! So cute


Bonus - 
Can't wait to watch this.. looks hilarious!! 

Vegas is hella windy today. I'm not looking at making too many errands happen today. As Bruno Mars says, I don't feel like doing anything....

Happy Friday!




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