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Thursday, April 28, 2011

facelift.random.soFluffy - d3

You have now entered the new face lift I'd just given my website! I'm so excited to get it to something different from my previous ones..

I've been obsessing over new templates the last 2 days, for my brother's new site and my site. I did a mock up for his and I'm waiting on him to look it so I decided to give my baby a little attention (since I've been slacking on my bloglovin - bad Ree, bad Ree).

Randoms -

  • My spark for tout.com is losing its sizzle a bit. I think it's been a pain to upload the clips from cell phone, to youtube then to tout.com. I'll tout but not as much - unless i'm drunk - but will get back into it once they come out with a Droid app. 
  • I got hit on by some dudes in their very early 20's today at work. It was totally awkward. 
    • Dude - how old are you?
    • Me - how old do I look?
    • Dude - I don't know but you look hot.
    • Me - (roll my eyes) oh ok. 
    • Dude - Oh don't have to roll you're eyes, let's be mature about this.
    • Me - If you thought that stupid ass line was going to get you anywhere then I say you're immature and don't have game.psshhhh!... (I wish I said that but instead I said) Oh ok, well you're all set. Good bye. (and I walked away) - That dude has some big cajones to come at me like that! haha! 
  • My new favorite show - The Voice
  • Can't wait for the next episode! American Idol has some HUGE competition!

  • We had Sonic's hotdogs for dinner tonight. We had the Chicago and the New York. Pretty decent. I haven't had many of the each city's version to know how unauthentic it was but it was decent. 
  • There's all this hoopla about the royal wedding and guess who isn't going to attempt to get into that mess.... this guy. I'm just not into all that and not interested in the wedding of 2 people I really don't care about. 

With 8.5 million views, this is still SO cute! From Despicable Me - Agnes' So Fluffy!

My eyes are starting to go crossed from looking at my MBP for so long!

Ay yay yay!




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