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Friday, April 15, 2011

EffYou.News.IjusthadSex. - D3

Happy Friday! Hope that damn Rebecca Black song hasn't played on repeat in your mind today. Her song definitely lingered here and there because a friend showed me a mashup of her song and clips from the movie, Friday! Eff! Damn, I just started humming it! Ugh!

The Daily 3 - enjoy!

1. Music 3 minutes - Karmin does Forget You by CeeLo

2. On the news front -

  • Eff Clowns, this is straight disturbing!
I will definitely go cop a squat in a bush rather use this scary ass toilet! What the hell!? Hella Scary!
  • Mom who withheld medication for her 10 year old autistic son with cancer gets 8 - 10 years. - She was afraid giving him meds would kill him, but she eventually killed him by not giving meds! Lady, really? Disgusting! Ugh!
  • Should Match.com do a criminal background check on a potential date? Well, that is what a woman who is filing a lawsuit against Match.com is saying when she was set up with a man whom she claims had sexually assaulted her. She claims that if a background check was done, it would have prevented the assault. - No one's safe! Meet your future spouse at a bar like I did! Good luck!
  • A Texas dad kills his 2 kids and texts before and after pictures to his ex-girlfriend/mother of children. - As I continue to read the news, there is a vast amount of news about a shitty ass parent killing their kids for who know what damn reason! God bless those helpless kids and screw those parents!
  • Do you continuously: not pee enough, forget to daydream, eat too fast, hold your breath, and not drink enough water? If not continuously, then you are screwing up the basic functionalities of life. - In other words, you need to go take a piss and daydream about not eating too fast while not holding your breath then drinking more water to piss even more. Then cycle repeats. 

3. Funny vid - I just had sex by the Loney Island w/ Akon & The Roots

Bring on the weekend!!




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