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Sunday, April 17, 2011

May cosmo mag -Ree notes

As nugget watches toy story 2, I'm perusing the May copy of Cosmo.

From the Cosmo mag, Top take aways for me were:

1. If you like Regina Spektor will love Thao & Mirah
2. On the stud meter, top 2 dudes were Henry Cavill (from the Tudors - def hotter than Jonathan Rhys Meyers w his crazy eyes) and Bruno Mars. 2 bottom listers were Drake and Mario Lopez.
3. Katy Perry on her perfume, Purr, ad. Rawr!
4. Article - 25 things not to apologize for, most relateable to me are: 1. Oohing and aahing over babies, 2. As you follow up... again, 3. When you hate a tv show everyone loves, 4. After purging a few Facebook friends, 5. When you want to pay for only what you ate.
5. Buying a few happy hour cocktails once a week ($936/year) = 6 kindles
6. Love killers - reasons for ditching your dude.79% - he cheated, 30%- changed mind about having kids, 20%- had major religious differences, 15%- age gap became noticeable, 8%- conflicting political views.
7. Article - the father factor: 3 things you must do with your dad now (as an adult) to help get to know each other and evolve a relationship. 1. Invite him to the office, 2. Go to a beet tasting together, 3. Talk on the phone.
8. Four things to prep for summer: 1. A fan, 2. White ethereal dress, 3. Portable grill, 4. Striped beach tote

That is all, happy Sunday!

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