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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quaker Soft Baked Banana Nut Bar

I shared a dietetic version banana nut bread in the past, so I am a fan of this type of baked good. I was able test Quaker's Banana nut bread recently.

Quaker Soft Baked Bar - Banana Nut Bread

Made with real bananas and almonds, Quaker Soft Baked Bars Banana Nut Bread flavor has tasty ingredients and key nutrients to help provide fuel to start your day.

-5g Fiber*
-20% daily value of 5 B Vitamins
-6g of Protein
*Contains 3.5g of total fat per serving

Where to Buy

You can find Quaker Soft Baked Bars at most major retailers.
Suggested retail price: $3.29 for a box of 5 bars

The Test - 

I was able to get a package of Quaker's banana nut bread and I was looking forward to trying it out. 

On a day that was between lunch and dinner, I reached for this package as a snack and wanted to enjoy this warm. Following the directions on the package, I opened one end of plastic and microwaved for 10 seconds. Removing the bread from the packaging and feeling the warmth reminded me of a freshly baked homemade version. I broke off a bite size portion of the bread and popped into my mouth. 

During the initial chews of the bread, I immediately felt the warmth, the moistness of the bread, tasted the banana flavor along with the combination of softness and crunchiness all in one. It wasn't exactly the same as a homemade banana nut bread but it is close to fulfilling a craving for it if you don't have time to bake it from scratch. 

While I was snacking on this, my son saw I was eating a new snack and asked for some. He enjoyed the first two bites that the additional 2/3 that I gave him he devoured quickly. Since I wasn't able to finish the entire package myself, I wasn't able to see if it would satiate my hunger before dinner. Nonetheless, it was still a pretty tasty snack and my son enjoyed it.

Overall, I liked that one of my favorite baked goods is now readily available in quick grab packages and enjoyed the combination of softness, moistness, and crunchiness all in one. Since my picky eater son enjoyed the banana nut bread, it will be one of the treats we will get on our next grocery shopping trip.

Pro - 

  • Soft, moist and crunchy
  • Only 140 calories per package
  • I liked that there were 5g or Fiber and 6g of Protein
  • Nice quick grab package to throw in my purse or diaper bag
  • Picky eater son liked it
Ranking - 5 out 5 stars

Would you recommend it to a friend? YES!

What do you think about this banana nut bread? Have you gotten to try this yet?

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    FTC: This package of banana nut bread was provided complimentary from Influenster.


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